Copan Ruinas Hotels

Looking for the Perfect Copan Ruinas Hotels?

There are many different options for lodging in Copan Ruinas. You can find anything from upscale hotels, boutique bed and breakfasts, budget lodging and hostels in town. There is something for every taste and for every budget. Following is our list of the top alternatives when it comes to Copan Ruinas hotels.

Hotel Marina Copan

Hotels in Copan Ruinas
Pool area at Hotel Marina Copan

The first and oldest of all Copan Ruinas hotels, the Hotel Marina Copan is without doubt one of the most charming accommodations available in Copan Ruinas. Its location is another asset, as it is located on the northwest corner of Central Park in town. With all of the amenities of a quality hotel and more, the Marina Copan offers a full service restaurant and bar, an extremely pleasant pool, lovely interior gardens and best of all, friendly service. Among other things, they offer complimentary wifi, a gym, a sauna and also have meeting facilities. Its 49 rooms and suites are beautifully appointed with good taste, outstanding orthopedic beds, air-conditioning and cable TV.

La Casa Rosada.

copan ruinas hotels
Hotel La Casa Rosada in Copan Ruinas

A gem of a boutique bed and breakfast in Copan Ruinas! With a great location, on the backside of the Hotel Marina Copan and only one block away from Central Park, it offers the convenience of accessibility to Central Park and attractions without the noise from the park! With only 5 individually appointed rooms, and a lovely interior garden courtyard, you will feel absolutely pampered in this lovely property. Friendly service is outstanding, and the location is ideal to walk around town and taste the food from the different restaurants and eateries in town. La Casa Rosada is one of the top exclusive Copan Ruinas hotels.


Copan Ruinas Hotels
Hotel Terramaya is one of the boutique hotels in Copan Ruinas

Located a couple of blocks up the hill from Central Park, Terramaya is epitome of hospitality. Its 6 rooms feature an outstanding view of town, and are all clean, spacious and comfortable. A lovely garden area offers nice views to enjoy your breakfast, to sit down and read your favorite book or catch up with your emails using their wifi. Owners, Howard and Angela are great sources of information regarding not only Copan, but all of Honduras. They also have spa facilities to provide outstanding massages and treatments. Certainly one of the top choices is you are looking for Copan Ruinas Hotels.

Clarion Copan

Copan Ruinas Hotels
Clarion Copan, the largest hotel in Copan Ruinas

The Clarion Copan is both, the largest hotel in town and also the only franchise Copan Ruinas hotels. With a total of 80 rooms, a large meeting room, a delightful dining room and pleasant gardens and pool, this hotel offers international standards at very reasonable prices. The location of the hotel, which is a couple of kilometers from the Copan Archaeological site, offers tranquility and great views of the Copan Valley. It is also within a short walking distance to the Rastrojon Archaeological site, which is part of the Archaeological Park. Rooms are air-conditioned and have cable TV. I always feel at home at the Clarion Hotel in Copan Ruinas!

La Posada

Copan Ruinas Hotels
A great budget option in Copan Ruinas

La Posada is a small, clean and affordable property located only half a block from Central Park, across the street from the entrance to the Hotel Marina Copan. The property is ideal for budget travelers who wish to have a private room with a private bath, and want to be close to the different attractions in town.

Camino Maya

Copan Ruinas Hotels
Hotel Camino Maya

Camino Maya is one of the top end Copan Ruinas hotels. With an excellent location, on the southwest corner of Central Park, you simply cannot miss it. Rooms are all nicely appointed and there is original Honduran art all over the walls. They also have an annex nearby where you can find parking, a large pool and another restaurant and bar also available to guests. The Camino Maya hotel offers 22 rooms with air-conditioning, TV, wifi and all the amenities you would expect.

La Casa de Café

Copan Ruinas Hotels
La Casa de Cafe is the most popular bed and breakfast in town.

The original bed and breakfast in Copan Ruinas. As a matter of fact, it was the first real bed and breakfast to open in town! With a total of 10 rooms, La Casa de Café offers nice no frills rooms that are clean, comfortable and affordable. Innkeepers and owners, Angela and Howard are usually on premises and looking out to make sure you are comfortable and happy. The location is a few blocks from town, and is in a nice neighborhood that is quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of town. You cannot go wrong by staying at la Casa de Café.

Hacienda San Lucas

Hotels in Copan Ruinas
Rooms at Hacienda San Lucas Hotel. Photo by Al Argueta

Hacienda San Lucas is one of those unique properties with a “Sense of Place” Built around a 100 year old farm house overlooking the Copan Valley, the owners pride in their property and go way out of their way to procure a unique experience to their guests. With a total of 8 rooms, all with solar energy, a lovely restaurant and garden area that are candlelit at night to provide for an out of this world experience, and some of the best local gourmet food you will find in Central America, Hacienda San Lucas is a destination in itself. The Hotel is about 2 kilometers outside of town. However they are very accommodating in helping you get back and forth from town or the Archaeological Park. Truly worth spending the night at this magical place! If you are looking for unique Copan Ruinas hotels, this is your place!

Hotel Plaza Magdalena

Copan Ruinas Hotels
Hotel Plaza Magdalena. Photo by Leandro’s Photo

Located one block from Central Park, Plaza Magdalena offers spacious rooms and suites, ample parking, meeting facilities and a nice pool. It is a great alternative for those seeking a medium priced hotel with all the facilities and large rooms. Air-conditioning, cable TV, wifi are all available in their nicely appointed rooms.

Hotel Plaza Copan

Hotels in Copan Ruinas
Plaza Copan Hotel facade at Central Park, Copan Ruinas

Plaza Copan offers great location, right at Central Park and next to the Catholic Church in Copan Ruinas. Its 20 rooms are smallish but pleasant, and some of the rooms in the second floor have a private balcony overlooking the park, giving you a private, bird’s eye view of life in town from the comfort of your room! The Hotel has a small pool and a restaurant overlooking the park which is quite pleasant. Location is superb and service is friendly. Without doubt The Hotel Plaza Copan is a good alternative as a medium priced hotel. The hotel offers air-conditioning, cable TV and wifi.

Boutique Hotel Plaza Yat Balam

Copan Ruinas Hotels
Boutique Hotel Plaza Yat Balam

Plaza Yat Balam is a truly special boutique hotel. With only 4 rooms, each one is individually appointed and offers a unique homely feeling that makes you want to stay forever! Located one block from Central Park, it is easy to get around to all the places and sites available in Copan. The lobby is designed to feel like a small cobblestoned street with different boutiques and stores, including a very inviting little café. Boutique Hotel Plaza Yat Balam offers air-conditioned rooms with cable TV and wifi for its guests.

Boutique Hotel Plaza Real

Hotels in Copan RuinasA nice boutique hotel with extra large rooms and spacious courtyards, the Boutique Hotel Plaza Real is a great option for you to stay in Copan Ruinas. Located across the street from the famous Café San Rafael and next door to Carnitas Nia Lola, the locations is ideal to walk out into town and enjoy the many close by restaurants, bars and cafes in Copan Ruinas.

Hotel Copan Colonial

Copan Ruinas Hotels
Copan Colonial Hotel offers spacious rooms and a Spa service

The Copan Colonial is a relatively new property that offers comfy rooms  plus a full service spa within the premises. It is also the only hotel in town with a 24 hour doctor on call available in case of any emergency. (The owner is one of the few practicing medical doctors in town!)

Via Via

Copan Ruinas Hotels
Hotel Via Via, the best budget hotel in Copan Ruinas

A charming restaurant, bar and hotel located in the heart of Copan Ruinas. Via Via is one of the best spots in town to meet people, get local info and arrange tours and activities. They offer 5 private rooms, each with their own bathroom. Rooms are the least expensive rooms in town, going for only $10 US per night. And believe me, rooms are clean, if Spartan, and offer privacy and comfort. Without doubt the best option in town if you are on a budget!

Hacienda El Jaral

Copan Ruinas Hotels
El Jaral is a pleasant rural hotel close to Copan Ruinas

Hacienda El Jaral is a small countryside hotel about 12 km. from Copan Ruinas. Located next to a coffee and agricultural farm, it is ideal for those that want to experience life in rural Honduras, enjoy the peace and quiet, and learn about the different  farm techniques used in Central America. The hotel is adjacent to a water park, and offers horseback riding tours to nearby sites. Hacienda El Jaral is very much a family oriented hotel that is ideal for families, no matter the age of different members. Its rooms are small cabins laid out around a large garden, offering single, double, triple and quad facilities. A total of 24 rooms, a nice pool and great gardens, together with the adjacent water park make up for complete, free standing resort. Rooms are all air-conditioned, and have a TV, private bathroom and hot water.

Iguana Azul Hostel

Copan Ruinas Hotels
Iguana Azul Hostel

Hands down the best hostel in Copan Ruinas! Iguana Azul has been in business for over 18 years, and during this time has deservedly carved its name as the best hostel in town. Located adjacent to the Hotel La Casa de Café, Iguana Azul offers comfortable dorm rooms, clean baths and a friendly area where you can interact with other travelers. Your options include 4 private rooms with shared bath in addition to the dorm rooms.

Acropolis Maya

Copan Ruinas Hotels
A good mid range hotel in downtown Copan Ruinas.

A nice alternative if you are looking for upper middle Copan Ruinas hotels;  it is one block from central park. The hotel has a nice indoor garden with rooms surrounding it. Up in the second floor you will enjoy a lounge with an expansive view of the Copan Valley. The hotel has always been known by locals as one of the cleanest hotels in town, and rooms offer all the amenities you would find in more elegant hotels, such as air-conditioning, cable TV and private bathrooms with hot water. The Acropolis Maya Hotel is located right on the main entrance to town and is only one block from central park.

Brisas de Copan

One of the older hotels in town, Brisas de Copan has steadily grown to its present state with hard work and good reviews from its guests over the years. The hotel is affordable, very clean, and with all the basics you need to be comfortable. It is across the street from the Acropolis Maya, at the entrance to Copan Ruinas and offers very friendly service. They rooms with air-conditioning and cable TV.

Hotel Buenavista

Copan Ruinas Hotels
The Pool at Hotel Buenavisata

A nice family run hotel located on the hilltop overlooking the town and valley of Copan. Buenavista offers everything you need at an affordable price. This includes a nice pool, air-conditioned rooms with a TV and private bath and friendly service. They also have their own parking area for the guests to park their cars. Although not downtown, the views it offers make up for the 4 blocks distance down the hill into town. The Hotel Buena Vista has a total of 20 rooms, each with access to wifi, as well as with air-conditioning and cable TV. Buena Vista is one of the better alternatives for reasonably priced hotels in Copan Ruinas. Their only drawback is that they do not have a restaurant, but their central location makes it easy to get around to all the different eateries in town.

Hotel Boutique Casa Gabriela

Copan Ruinas Hotels
Pleasant courtyard at Casa Gabriela

A small bed and breakfast located one block from Central Park. Casa Gabriela offers 4 cozy rooms and suites, a pleasant garden side café and personal service provided by the owners / innkeepers.

Hotel Don Udos

Copan Ruinas Hotels
Charming, old town setting at Don Udo’s Hotel

The Hotel Don Udo’s location provids easy access to central park. Yet far enough to keep you away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. Owners are European – Honduran, and have managed to put the best of both worlds in this small, intimate hotel. Renowned as a gourmet restaurant in San Pedro Sula, Don Udo’s moved to Copan Ruinas several years ago and built a truly cozy property to pamper tourists from around the world. Beautiful gardens, a rooftop terrace, plus 15 rooms and suites, Don Udo’s is certainly so full of details that it should be considered a boutique hotel. Very friendly staff and an excellent gourmet restaurant complement the property.

Hacienda La Esperanza

Copan Ruinas Hotels
Hacienda La Esperanza is a charming property that invests its profits in the Copan Valley communities.

A lovely colonial style home that operates as a bed and breakfast.  Hacienda La Esperanza is just outside of town. The property has the added benefit that proceeds from the hotel operation are all used in a charity health clinic. You can visit this clinic as it is at the front of the property where Hacienda La Esperanza is. Rodger, owner of the operation is extremely friendly. He is committed to helping the poor people that live in the villages surrounding Copan Ruinas. Rooms are charming and very comfortable. Service is outstanding and the setting is ideal to enjoy town and its surroundings or for a hike in the countryside to spot the many different species of birds that call the area home.

Hotel Yaragua

Copan Ruinas Hotels
The Hotel Yaragua is a great budget option in Copan Ruinas

Located on the southeast corner of Central Park, the Hotel Yaragua is a great budget hotel to stay in. Close to everything, affordable and with friendly service. Owners also offer a variety of tours in and around Copan Ruinas.

Hotel Berakah

Copan Ruinas Hotels
The Hotel Margarita offers a nice porch overlooking the street.

Formerly the Hotel Popol Nah and Hotel Margarita, is now the Hotel Berakah. The rooms offers basic rooms at affordable prices. It is located half a block south of Central Park. All rooms have a private bathroom with hot water, as well as a TV. Some rooms have air-conditioning and all have a ceiling fan. The Hotel Margarita is a great budget alternative in Copan Ruinas.

Lauro’s Hotel

Copan Ruinas Hotels
Lauro’s Hotel is a good budget alternative in Copan Ruinas

Hidden on the backside of the town hall, and across the street from the Marina Copan Hotel you will find Lauro’s Hotel. This is a small, family owned and run hotel that offers clean affordable rooms. Although small, they are comfortable and pleasant. A good budget alternative for your stay in Copan Ruinas,