Things to do in Copan Ruinas

Things to do in Copan Ruinas

There are Many Different Things to do in Copan Ruinas.

As a matter of fact, several of them on their own warrant a visit to this charming colonial town. When planning on your trip to Copan make sure you plan on spending several days. You will find there are truly many things to do in Copan Ruinas.

Visit the Archaeological Park

The Copan Archaeological Park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1980. This alone makes a visit to the ruins of Copan a must. Check our section on archaeology in this page to get full information on all of your options regarding the Mayan site of Copan and surroundings!

Macaw Mountain Bird Park

Located just a couple of kilometers outside of town, Macaw Mountain is a destination on its own and warrants a trip to Copan just to see it. It is a perfect place to visit, alone or with your family. The tranquility of the park, which is set in ravine next a mountain creek, is truly sublime. If you add the fact that there are many different tropical birds native to Honduras that thrive in this park its truly a dream come true.

The ancient Maya who built Copan honored the Scarlet Macaw. These birds once soared over the skies of the Copan Valley. The Mayas would be proud to see these magnificent birds flying over their old city. Best of all, you get to interact with some of the friendlier birds, and even get a photo or two! “I feel like a pirate” my youngest son claimed the first time he was allowed to have a macaw rest on his shoulder. The park has a smooth and easy trail that leads through a coffee plantation to the different aviaries.

The birds are all happy and healthy, with trees and vegetation within their very large cages. Best of all is an ongoing project to repopulate the Copan Valley with scarlet macaws. Whatever you do in Copan, do not miss this beautiful park! It is open daily from 8:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. Entrance fee is $10 US per person, and believe me, by the time you have finished your visit, you will feel it was a bargain! In addition to the Copan Archaeological Park, Macaw Mountain  Bird Park is a must in your things to do in Copan bucket list!

The park also offers a nice restaurant bar on premises, so you can plan on having lunch in the park. In addition, the Miramundo coffee is roasted and brewed right here on premises, so you will probably fall prey to the delicious aroma of coffee and order a freshly brewed cup of freshly roasted coffee! There is a great souvenir shop within the park with nice t shirts and other Honduran handicrafts. Plan on spending at least half a day at Macaw Mountain

Zip line Canopy Tour

The Zip line canopy tour in Copan Ruinas is actually part of a larger conglomerate that offers zip line canopy tours throughout Honduras. The facilities in Copan Ruinas are only a couple of kilometers outside of town, in direction to the community of Sesesmil and the near hot springs. It is right across the entrance to the Macaw Mountain Bird Park.

The facility offers a total of 16 different cables that will provide a fun trip from tree top to tree top through fairly long cables. The adventure ends just across the road from Macaw Mountain. This makes it easy to  combine both activities in one morning or afternoon. If you are in need of some adrenaline pumping through your blood, then this is one of the top things to do in Copan that you should not miss! If there are two things in Copan Ruinas that go together because of their proximity. they are they zip line canopy tour and Macaw Mountain Bird Park.

Tour to Coffee Estates

Coffee has become one of the main export staples in Honduras. Because of the altitude where it is grows, as well as because most of it grows in shade, the quality of Honduran coffee has a reputation as a truly great coffee. As a matter of fact, today, Honduras is the 6th World Exporter of coffee! This is a lot of coffee for a small country! Copan is one of the main coffee producing areas in Honduras. There are many different coffee estates or “coffee fincas” that you can visit during your stay in Copan. Those that have the best tour organized are Café Welchez and Finca El Cisne. Either one of them will allow you enjoy a day in the Honduran countryside learning about coffee.

After a visit to these facilities, you will certainly appreciate your daily morning coffee much more! The best places to purchase your tour are MC Tours, whose headquarters are located right across the street from the main entrance to the Hotel Marina Copan and Basecamp Tours at the Café Via Via restaurant bar. Yaragua Tours also offers tours to coffee estates. Believe me, a coffee tour is one of the best things to do in Copan Ruinas!

Horseback Riding Tours.

Over the years, this has been one of the top things to do in Copan Ruinas. Beware however as to the horses you will be riding. The poor beasts’ are usually underfed and overworked! As they belong to different persons, the quality can vary very much between one horse and the other. If you have your heart set on this activity, try visiting Yaragua Tours. They are at the Hotel Yaragua in the southeast corner of town. Another good alternative is Base Camp tours at the Via Via Café. They offer the service and have some of the better horses available.

The most popular tours are up to Los Sapos. This is next to Hacienda San Lucas and then on to the village of La Pintada. If you are serious about horseback riding, consider a tour to the coffee estates at the Finca El Cisne or Finca Rosalila coffee estates. There you will get some healthy and strong horses for a longer trip in some beautiful countryside! For those who enjoy riding horses, this is always one of the favorite things to do in Copan Ruinas.

Visit the Tea and Chocolate Place

This unique place offers a window to the relationship that the Ancient Maya had with Cacao. You will also receive and introduction at the different local medicinal teas that are part of the traditional Maya culture. Many are still used today by the Shaman’s to cure people from different illnesses! The Tea and Chocolate Place is open only in the afternoons. It is the La Tejera neighborhood and you will get to see more of Copan Ruinas.

Go Shopping

Lets face it: shopping is one of the great pleasures in life for many of us! And finding that special gift to take home to our loved ones is always fun. Well, almost always! Having something nice to take home to remind us of our trip to a unique destination can be hard. Fortunately, there are several great souvenir shops in Copan Ruinas where you can find truly unique articles. Walk through the streets downtown and explore the different shops. Chances are you will find something really nice to take back home.

Go to the Luna Jaguar Hot Springs

Locals love visiting the nearby hot springs. They are about 28 km out of town heading north, past the Sesesmil Village up the mountains. En route you will find some pleasant rural restaurants, as well as many small coffee farms. The hot springs offer two very different settings. First a popular “balneario” or swimming facility with large concrete pools next to a creek. Across a hanging bridge, you will find the Luna Jaguar Spa facilities. Here you can indulge in various spa activities, all around the natural hot springs. There is a higher fee to gain access to the Luna Jaguar Spa, but the facility is well worth it. Enjoy the natural setting and some great massages. Of course, you cannot miss the natural hot water springs!