The Perfect Escape Plan to Become an Expat!

Between jokes, there are many US citizens that are disillusioned with the results of the US elections. Many are actually scared! Perhaps the most stunned, scared person of all is the president elect: Donald Trump. Many believe that he never expected to win the elections! Most of those believe that he does not have a real plan to lead the country. Many are considering escaping the caos that they are afraid will come from his government.

How do you Create the Perfect Escape Plan to Become an Expat?

I agree that we should give him the benefit of the doubt. But I happen to be better off than most US citizens concerning an escape plan to become an expat. You see, for starters, I am not a US citizen. My paternal grandparents took care of the escape plan and executed it to perfection. They moved to Mexico City in the late 1920s. My dad, having been born in Mexico City in 1931, had to choose between US or Mexican citizenship in 1949, when he became 18 years old. He took the right decision and kept his Mexican citizenship. To do so he resigned to his United States citizenship.

Twenty-three years ago, I executed my own escape and moved further south. I have been a resident in Honduras since 1993! So I do have some experience when it comes to making an escape plan to become an expat… Unfortunately, no matter where you go on Planet Earth, whatever happens in the United States will ultimately affect you. If you live abroad, at least you won’t need to deal with the possible mess at home.

Although many are looking north, to Canada, the truth is that the climate is just so much better if you head south. Mexico of course is a great option, yet i must say that it is not inexpensive to live there. It is also competitive to start a business. If you look farther south, there are many US citizens that have moved to Costa Rica and Panama. The truth is that it is quite a bit more expensive to live there than it is in Nicaragua and Honduras. These are by far, the most affordable places to live in Central America.

Consider the Bay Islands of Honduras, as well as the Caribbean Coast of Atlantida as the Top Alternatives to Check Out in Honduras.

Escape plan to become an expat
Playa Barbon at Roatan’s East End

Honduras has one huge advantage over Nicaragua: English is actually spoken by many. Especially if you decide to move to the Bay Islands of Honduras. These Islands, Utila, Roatan and Guanaja where once a British Colony. The locals are proud of their English Heritage. This means that if you escape to the Bay Islands of Honduras you will find an English speaking community. Many expats that have settled on these lovely Caribbean Islands.

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Roatan, the largest of the islands even has an international airport. Regular scheduled flights from Houston, Atlanta, Miami and New York make it easy to get to! The three islands are different from each other. Each one has its particular charm and personality.

escape plan to become an expat
An Aerial View of Utila. Photo by Rosa Doncel

Utila is a small island with a tightly knit community. There is now ferry service from Roatan to Utila. It also has a runway that receives regular flights from Roatan, San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba. Finally, Guanaja, which markets itself as “The Green Island” is a natural paradise. Although Guanaja is more isolated than the other two islands, it does have an airport. Flights from the mainland and from Roatan make it easy to get to.

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Escape plat to become an expat
A pristine creek rushes down the mountains towards the Caribbean Sea

Back on the mainland, you can find several small cities that are right on the Caribbean. Although the coast does not offer the iconic Caribbean beaches that you will find in the Bay Islands, the setting is still idyllic! The two largest cities, La Ceiba and Tela were actually the headquarters for the two largest banana companies in the world. The Standard Fruit Company, which produces Dole bananas is still based in La Ceiba. The United Fruit Company had its headquarters in the city of Tela. The long relationship with the US companies means that many citizens speak English.

Top Ingredients to Include in your Escape Plan to Become an Expat: English Speaking Communities and Pristine Natural Settings.

Getting a residency in Honduras can be tricky if you do not have the right lawyer. However, setting up residency as a “pensionado” is actually quite easy. You need to prove that you can send income on a monthly basis to live in the country. The requested amounts are reasonable, and depend on whether you are single, a couple of a family.

I have been in business in Honduras for over 23 years. The fact is that it has been quite straightforward and I can’t complain about the process. It is true that Honduras has a terrible reputation as far as security. Yet the situation is not half as bad as the press claims. The crime rate has come down over the last 4 years. The amount of drugs crossing through Honduras has dwindled. Much due to the arrest and extradition of several drug lords to the United States. Honduras is on the right track and a great alternative to move to in search for some peace of mind.

If you feel that Honduras might be a good match for you, take a trip down south and visit. Honduras is only between a 2 and 3 hour flight from Miami, Atlanta and Houston. You will love what you find! Friendly people, affordable living, reasonably priced real estate are the perfect mix. Easy access to the United States makes it a no brainer. Feel free to drop any questions our way. I would love to help you create your escape plan to become an expat!