Covid19 in Honduras

If there is one news that has dominated our attention over the last two months, it has been the Coronavirus epidemic. Most countries around the world have already reported cases of citizens with this virus, also known as Covid19. So, if you are considering a trip to Honduras, you will want to know everything about Covid19 in Honduras. First and above all, as of today there has been no cases of Covid19 in Honduras! This is certainly good news for all of us.

The government of Honduras has implemented several precautionary measures. For one, any person who has recently traveled to China and other countries with a strong coronavirus epidemic is getting a test for the virus. A few days ago, a Honduran lady who arrived from a work trip that took her to China and Taiwan. She was whisked to the local hospital to test her for the virus. There was a lot of speculation regarding her health, but as it turned out, she tested negative to Covid19. The government of Honduras is taking the threat quite seriously and has even set up a webpage where they are informing about Covid19 in Honduras.

There are several important factors that we must state regarding the virus and its threat to you when visiting Honduras. First of all, Honduras is certainly off the beaten path of mass tourism. As such, you will run a much lower risk of interacting with globetrotters that have recently visited regions that have seen the virus propagate. Second, according to UNICEF, the virus does not survive temperatures above 27 degrees Celsius. This means that it can not survive outdoors in just about any area of Honduras! To give you an example, as I am writing this post, the temperature in La Ceiba, Honduras is currently 28 degrees. The temperature in Roatan and San Pedro Sula is also currently 28 degrees centigrade. It is actually on the cool side, since we are just getting over a cold front. Normally, the temperature would be closer to 30 degrees!

This means that if you are visiting the coastal areas of Honduras, such as the Bay Islands and Atlantida, you are in good shape, as our temperatures are not conducive for the virus to survive even if someone does become infected when traveling and then comes to Honduras. So do not let the coronavirus, also known as Covid19 to keep you from visiting Honduras. Make sure you follow the instructions to wash your hands regularly. Avoid air-conditioned areas, enjoy the sun and the hot outdoors and have a blast while visiting Honduras.