Dr. Sebi and the USHA Village

Dr. Sebi: A Unique Person.

I met Dr. Sebi at the USHA village about 20 years ago. He was already an old man, over 70 years old. Yet he was active and very eloquent. He was born Alfredo Bowman in the town of Ilanga, Colon, on the north coast of Honduras.  I always enjoyed listening to him. Dr. Sebi once told me about his story about how he had moved to Trujillo. There, he secured a job as a machinist on a cargo ship and went around the world. He enjoyed life and food, and soon became overweight. By the time he was 35 years old, he had serious health problems. He was a diabetic, suffered impotence and his quality of life had gone down.

During of his travels, he had heard about a man that he believed could help him. A man that held many secrets about herbs and natural medicine.  He hoped this man would help him recover his health.  He set out to look for him, and became his apprentice. Alfredo Bowman soon lost weight and rid himself of diabetes. He once again felt like a man after having solved his problem with impotence. The knowledge he acquired served as a base for what he would do the rest of his life. Thus Alfredo Bowman became Dr. Sebi and started a new life helping others recover their health.

Dr. Sebi believed that there is only one illness. A crippling mucus that develops within the different cells in our body. The mucus starves of cells from them of the oxygen they need to survive. We call the sickness different names, depending on which part of your body the mucus sets in. In his view, there is one universal treatment for all illness: get rid of the mucus! One of the best ways to stay healthy was by des-intoxicating your body of different toxins that we eat. This process requires a strict diet, where alcohol, dairy products and meat are pulled away from your menu.

The USHA Village

To provide the proper care, Dr. Sebi created the USHA village. Soon Dr. Sebi and USHA village became world renown as a place to detoxify your body and cure your health. The village is at the foot of the Nombre de Dios National Park in the Caribbean Coast of Honduras. The city of La Ceiba is just 25 km. (approximately 15 miles) west of the USHA Village.  Not only was the site in a spectacular location, it also had some natural medicinal hot springs within the property.  The treatment he provides includes a specific and rigorous diet. A steam bath from the natural hot springs, and bathing in thermal waters are another important part of the treatment.

The USHA village provides not only care to the sick, but also an ideal, natural environment. Here patients can relax in a natural setting and detox with the special treatments afforded. Dr. Sebi and the USHA Village became a popular destination for ill persons that had exhausted other medical treatments. Many got rid of their ailments and continued living a healthy life.

Dr. Sebi passed away last year. He was over 90 years old. He lived a long, healthy life thanks to the secrets he learned about natural herbs and foods. His daughter, Samma Bowman is now responsible for the operation of the USHA Village facilities in Honduras.  The facilities there are well maintained and visited by locals and foreigners alike.

The USHA Village is in Full Operation!

I visited the village this week to confirm that it is still in operation. Most of the staff speaks English. This makes it perfect for foreigners who come and stay at the facilities. Dr. Sebi and the Usha Village are world famous. They are also an important asset to Honduras and humanity. If you need to contact the USHA Village, you can find information at their Facebook page.  Their local email is ushavillagehn@gmail.com and you can also visit their official website: ushavillagehn.com . Their local phone in Honduras is (504) 2408 1170 and (504) 9964 1349.

The USHA Village is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. Saturdays from 8 till noon. You can show up unannounced to buy some of his cell food capsules. You can enjoy a sauna or thermal spring bath, for a reasonable price of lempiras 100 each. (This is roughly  $4.00 US per person.)

Getting to USHA Village

To get there from La Ceiba, take the CA13 highway in direction towards Trujillo, heading directly east. At km. 225 you will find a big sign on the mountain side of the road that says “USHA” This is the entrance. Turn right and drive up to a gate to announce yourself. If you are driving your own vehicle, take into consideration the fact that there are many potholes on CA13 east of La Ceiba. It is best to drive slow, especially after you pass the detour to Sambo Creek. Click THIS LINK to get Google Maps directions.

I hope this information about Dr. Sebi and the USHA Village has given you some insight to a unique person who spent most of his life helping other people improve their health. Dr. Sebi was one of many unique Hondurans who have worked to make of this a better world!