Getting Around Honduras

Trying to Find the Best Way of Getting Around Honduras?

Getting around Honduras is easy! In addition to the different airports in Honduras, there is a fairly good paved highway system that interconnects the different cities in Honduras. The backbone of the the Honduras highway system is highway CA5, which interconnects the two main cities in Honduras: Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. This road is now a toll highway and is in very good shape. This highway actually continues further south of Tegucigalpa and connects with highway CA1, which is the Pan-American Highway that runs from north to south and connects Honduras with El Salvador to the North and with Nicaragua to the South.

The western highway, CA4 runs from the Aguacaliente and border with Guatemala all the way to San Pedro Sula, and the CA13 highway, which leads from San Pedro Sula to Trujillo is the main tourism highway along the Caribbean coast of Honduras.

These highways are serviced by a variety of different transportation companies, which offer different quality services interconnecting various cities. Perhaps the most outstanding of transportation companies in Honduras, and for that matter, in Central America is Hedman Alas, which provides service between Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and Copan Ruinas.

Use the Extensive Bus Route System from San Pedro Sula!

As a general rule, the best hub for tourism transportation in Honduras is San Pedro Sula. The city has a big, modern bus terminal where all the different bus companies operate from. This means that getting around Honduras is simple. Making connections easy when all the bus companies depart from the same location.  At this terminal you will find different international bus routes from San Pedro Sula. Services are available to Guatemala City and Antigua Guatemala; San Salvador, Managua and San Jose, Costa Rica.

Taxi service is also available at the terminal. This allows you to get from the terminal to your hotel. The same applies for the San Pedro Sula International airport without any hassle.

Only the larger bus companies, such as Hedman Alas, Viana Transportes, Transnica and Tica Bus accept credit cards. For most of the others, you will need to pay in cash. For your convenience, there are plenty of ATM machines at the San Pedro Sula bus terminal.

Don’t Forget to Tip!

Hondurans make meager wages and tips can be a big part of their income. If you are using private transportation, taking tours or eating at restaurants, you should remember to tip. Tipping is also customary in hotels. Check our post in Tipping in Honduras to get an idea of when to tip and how much!