Update to Honduras Immigration Requirements

Good news! As of this week we have an update to Honduras immigration requirements! As you know, there are several requirements that you need to comply with to enter Honduras. These mostly have to do with the COVID 19 pandemic. As of June 10, Congress approved a modification to the law that required that all persons, Hondurans, and foreigners entering the country had to provide a negative COVID 19 test taken within 72 hours of their arrival into Honduras. The new law states that if you are fully vaccinated you can now enter the country without the negative test. There are two catches to this. First you must present the original certificate of vaccination. Second, you must travel  14 days of the last shot.

Honduras immigration requirements
Notice by Public Health Authority

We congratulate the government of Honduras for this change, that will make it more attractive to travelers planning a visit to Honduras. We are seeing an increase in foreign travelers coming through the country. This change will allow all travelers to enter the country if they have their Covid shots. It will have a positive impact on the cruise ship passengers visiting the island of Roatan.

Travel Related Workers are Getting their Covid Shots!


Update to Honduras Immigration Requirements
Travel employees proudly share their Covid shot certificate

And speaking of Roatan, I am happy to share the fact that most travel related workers in Roatan now have at least one COVID19 shot! This is an important move that the Minister of Tourism, Nicole Marrder has made to generate confidence for travelers. Although this effort started with Roatan, other important destinations, such as Copan Ruinas also have travel related workers protected. This means that many hotel employees, as well as tour guides have a Covid shot.

Destinations, such as La Ceiba and Tela expect to get their travel employees protection soon. I hope that this update to Honduras immigration requirements is useful and that you take note. Remember, you must have your original vaccination certificate to avoid the negative Covid test. For those you do not have a full vaccination, a negative Covid test is mandatory. Take note that you need a negative antigen test, that requires a nose swab.

Don’t Forget your Immigration Pre Registry!

This is great news, at least for me. I just traveled into Honduras last week and had to get that extremely uncomfortable test. Since I am fully vaccinated, I will not need that test again… Well at least not to get into Honduras! Please take note that you still need to preregister with immigration before entering Honduras. To do this, please visit the Honduras immigration site and fill out your form.