New Year Celebration in Honduras

Honduras, as well as most of the world celebrates New Years with passion. Contrary to Christmas in Honduras, the New Year celebration in Honduras is a time to spend with friends. Those that stay home usually organize a party and invite their friends.

New Year Celebration in Honduras
A mannequin representing the old year awaits to be burnt!

In rural Honduras, the celebration is unique.  It is customary to burn the old year, thus allowing the New Year to begin. This is a symbolic gesture. They do it by creating a mannequin out of newspaper and fill it with firecrackers. The louder it burns, the merrier the crowd gets.  Local folklore likes to make the mannequin resemble a real person. They love to burn politicians or other community leaders they feel have failed them.  Thus, it is common to have mannequins resembling the current president. It seems the president, no matter who he is, always has people that are unhappy with him.

It is always interesting to see who is trending as the most unpopular person of the year. For New Years 2016, the race is between ex President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras and President Elect Trump of the USA! Fortunately, there is no voodoo in the mannequins, so neither one of them will feel the heat when their effigies are burnt to a crisp!

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The New Years Vigil at Comayagua Has Become a Tradition in Honduras

Perhaps the most outstanding event for the New Year Celebration in Honduras is in Comayagua. People wait for the Comayagua Church Bell to ring 12 times at midnight to welcome the New Year. This event has become a tradition since the turn of the millennium. It is a symbolic event full of expectations. You see the oldest functioning clock in the Americas happens to be at the Comayagua Cathedral. The Clock dates back to the XII Century. Built by the moors during their occupation of Spain, it was a gift to Honduras by the King Philip III of Spain.

Believe it or not, the clock still tells the time, and even rings the bells in the Cathedrals belfry! This year the event will be broadcast live by Teleprogreso. You can follow it on TV I you are in Honduras. Otherwise, you can see the event as it streams through the net!

Some cities have a must go to New Year’s Celebration party. Such is the case of the New Years Celebration party in Copan Ruinas. There people reserve their hotel room and table one year in advance to make sure that they are part of the celebration. The New Year’s Party at the Hotel Marina Copan has become a must go to event.

One thing is for sure during the New Year Celebration in Honduras. Fireworks are plentiful! Even though many cities have outlawed them to avert injuries to young kids, Hondurans always find a way of getting them. So as you celebrate the coming of the New Year, expect to hear many loud firecrackers. Remember, the louder the merrier. So relax and enjoy the party.

Happy New Year to all who follow my blog. I hope that 2017 brings success and well being to you and your beloved families. Feliz Año Nuevo!