West End Village, an Eclectic Beach Front Community

Charming Bay Islands Communities

All three Bay Islands have lovely authentic communities with a lot of charm. Utila actually has two unique communities, “The Utila Cays” and “Utila Town”. There is even a one hundred year old  home in Utila Town that was recently renovated. Guanaja’s main town, Bonacca is set on a four small cays has a lot of charm. Yet most of it was recently rebuilt after Hurricane Mitch destroyed the island in 1998.

West End Village Beach Front Community in Roatan
A view of the eclectic West End Village in Roatan

Roatan is no exception, and although there are several nice communities. One of the most unique is West End Village. West End Village offers a beach front community that has attracted many foreigners. Here you will find locals and expats competing with different businesses seeking your patronage. As a result, creativity is always present.

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Different hotels, inns and hostels mix with dive shops. They all seek to provide that special service and atmosphere to attract you. You will find many bars and restaurants in West End. Souvenir shops, convenience stores and even several different art galleries operate in West End. The town is an interesting mix of just about everything.

Daily Activity at West End Village

West End Village is an eclectic Roatan Beach Front Community
A variety of boats in West End Harbour.

During the day, you will see different dive boats coming and going with the divers. Many of the dive masters are expats that fell in love with the island. As the day ends, you can see divers and tourists flocking to the different beach front bars. West End Village faces due West, and there are few better spots in the world to enjoy a sunset. It’s time to relax, talk and share experiences you had during your day, and enjoy the sunset. Of course, as it disappears over the horizon, everyone is trying to see the elusive “green flash”.

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Roatan Community Village
A view of the sunset from Sundowners Bar

The “green flash” is an optical illusion that is only seen on a clear sunset. Reputedly, the sun emits a green flash just as it disappears under the horizon. Although I have never seen one, it is always a topic across the bar in West End Village. After a few “cold ones”, it’s time to find dinner. There are many different alternatives in West End. Choose a basic, affordable street side stall that sell the typical baleadas. Or if you prefer, there are fancy and elegant restaurants in town. There is something for everyone in the West End.

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Top West End Beach Bars

After dinner, most travelers will go out bar hopping for a few hours. There is even a night club in West End Village! Mixx Beach Club offers a nice setting of different atmospheres. From a beach side bar to an air conditioned night club with great dancing music on the top of the hill. One of the best things about this eclectic little village is that it is safe to walk. The town has one street only, which is parallel to the beach. In other words, you just can’t get lost!

Any visit to Roatan Island should include a visit to West End Village. Make sure you bring comfortable shoes to enjoy the walk! Prepare to meet the local expats at the sunset bars and hear of their experience of living on the island. The two most popular beach bars are Sundowners, on the beach at Half Moon Bay and The Booty Bar over the water at West End.

Top Dining Options at West End Village

Are you looking for a scrumptious dinner for a memorable ocasion? Consider dining at Oolanthoo, an Indian Specialty restaurant located just outside of West End. Another great alternative is Roatan Oasis, where the baby back ribs will melt in your mouth.

You can get carried away and drink several beers or tropical cocktails in West End. If you do, and you need to get back to your hotel outside of West End, plan ahead of time. Either have a designated driver or arrange for a taxi to take you back. The roads in Roatan are narrow and quite windy. You want to make sure that you are at 100% if you are going to be driving! Enjoy your visit at West End Village, an eclectic beach front community in Roatan!