2021 Golf Update in Honduras

2020 was disastrous for Honduras and the travel industry. Golfing is an important attraction that travelers take into consideration when planning a trip. Because of this, I am putting this 2021 Golf Update in Honduras post. A few years ago, we put together a nice post about golfing in Honduras. A guest that stayed with us at La Villa de Soledad visited almost all the golf courses in the country and did me the favor of sharing it with me for our web page. A lot has changed since…

Golf Couse Closures Due to COVID 19

There have been two different events that had a big impact in the Golf alternatives in Honduras last year. The first was the Covid-19 pandemic, that pushed the country into a lockdown. The second were the back-to-back tropical storms ETA & IOTA. These storms caused heavy flooding in the Sula Valley.


2021 golf update Honduras
The luxurious Indura Golf Club House

Our 2021 Golf Update in Honduras begins with impacts from the Covid 19 Pandemic. The golf courses in Tela are no longer in operation. The Telamar golf course, which is the old Tela Railroad Company golf course (Chiquita Banana) shut down. Banco Atlantida, the owners of Telamar Resort, as well as the Honduras Maya Hotel in Tegucigalpa shut both properties down. Since the golf course was run by the Telamar Beach Resort, it has been out of operation for months. The Indura Golf and Beach Club has also been through rough times. As we speak, the Golf Course is closed and there is very little maintenance going on. This is a real shame, as this is the only 18-hole designer golf course in mainland Honduras!

Golf Closures Due to Tropical Storms

There are two different golf courses in the vicinity of San Pedro Sula. Both of these are in La Lima. One was the original golf course for the Executives and staff of the Tela Railroad Company headquarters in La Lima. Both of these Golf Courses are 9 hole facilities. Unfortunately, the catastrophic flooding that resulted from Tropical Storms ETA and IOTA caused severe damage to both facilities. It will take months before they are open to the public again!

This leaves the D’Antoni Golf Course in La Ceiba as the only functional golf facility in the Caribbean Coast of Honduras. The Comayagua Golf Course and the Tegucigalpa Country Club Golf Course are both open and functional. Fortunately, the Bay Islands of Honduras were far from the path of the storms. As such, the Black Pearl Golf Club is operating normally and did not suffer any damage from the storms.  The Black Pearl Golf Club at Pristine Bay in Roatan is the only other designer golf course in Honduras. It offers lovely views and a challenging course. I do hope that our 2021 golf update in Honduras post is useful and can help you plan your golfing adventures in Honduras.