Gourmet Coffee in Santa Rosa de Copan

It had been years since I was in Santa Rosa de Copan. I always liked the city, although it did lack some sophistication. Boy was I in for a surprise! Santa Rosa de Copan has become the gourmet coffee capital of Honduras. I would go as far as saying that it is the gourmet coffee capital of Central America! I am consistently surprised at how fast things change in Honduras. Locals like to focus on all the bad things, and completely pass up the good things…

Santa Rosa de Copan is the Gourmet Coffee Capital in Central America!

Santa Rosa de Copan has a variety of gourmet coffee shops and bars. Most are owned by coffee producers, and they compete to see who offers the best cup of coffee. Since they are also coffee growers, they can control the quality of the coffee they serve. The result is an astonishing selection of robust coffees! You would be hard pressed to find this variety elsewhere in the World! Best of all, a cup of gourmet coffee in Santa Rosa de Copan is not only affordable. By international standards, it’s a bargain!

Gourmet Coffee
Plaza Cafe is one of the Gourmet Coffee shops in Santa Rosa de Copan

I arrived in Santa Rosa and had only 40 minutes before an appointment. After an almost five hour uninterrupted drive from La Ceiba, I was hungry. I was also in need of some caffeine to perk me up! After a quick inquiry at the the hotel front desk, I set out to the Plaza Café. It was only a couple of blocks from the San Jorge Hotel, where I had my meeting.  The place is lovely, but they only served pastries and cakes to go with the coffee. I was in need of something more substantial and not so sweet. The Plaza Cafe also has branch in La Ceiba.

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Things to do in Santa Rosa de Copan
One of the best coffee shops in Honduras: Cafe de las Velas.

A quick hike around the block brought me to the Café de Las Velas. It is in a lovely building with a republican architecture. I walked in and was welcome by the waitress and even the owner / manager came out to say hello. After ordering a double cappuccino coffee, I asked for their suggestion for a quick bite. I took them up for a pita bread Italian chicken sandwich, which I soon got. I was so hungry that I quickly went for a bite…. But then I recalled that I should take a picture of it for my blog!

The Perfect Bistro Gourmet Coffee Bar in Santa Rosa!

Gourmet Coffee
A delicious Pita Bread Italian Chicken Sandwich at Cafe Las Velas

My lunch was outstanding, very tasty, I would go back for another one in a heartbeat. The coffee was delicious. I did notice that Café Las Velas also operates as a café bar, serving a nice selection of wines. The setting is perfect to get together for a romantic time, or to meet with your friends to catch up. Best of all, it is not the only place of its kind in Santa Rosa de Copan. There are many other great local café’s, each with its own charm and personality.

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Gourmet Coffee
A variety of candles and souvenirs are available at Cafe Las Velas

At Café Las Velas you will also find a nice selection of locally made candles and wood souvenirs. These are delicate pieces of art. Of course, there is a lot of work that goes into each one of them. By purchasing these items, you are helping different families from the area that make a living producing these arts and crafts.

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Next time you visit Santa Rosa de Copan, make sure you take the time to visit Café de Las Velas. You will be happy you did. Oh, I almost forgot! If you liked the coffee, you can even buy a few pounds to take back home. This way, you will savor the taste of Santa Rosa de Copan and Honduras every time you have a cup of coffee!