Jungle Paradise in Atlantida

There is a Great Jungle Paradise in Atlantida!

Prepare for an unexpected surprise with the jungle paradise in Atlantida! Although Central America is known as a great destination for a jungle paradise, the truth is that is kind of hard to get out to the jungle, which is usually far out and hard to get to. Then of course, by the time you finally get out to the true jungles, it turns out that they are not really paradise, as you have to “rough it out” once you get there…

jungle paradise in Atlantida
Aerial View of the Cangrejal River Valley, photo: Luis Aguero

There is however a true jungle paradise in Atlantida. Let me start with explaining a bit about Atlantida: It is the most complete destination in Honduras, probably in all of Central America! Atlantida is located on the Caribbean coast of Honduras, and is the gateway to the Bay Islands of Honduras. What makes Atlantida so special is the fact that it has a total of 8 protected areas within its territory, including the magnificent Pico Bonito National Park, the second largest National Park in Honduras, and probably the most bio diverse ecosystem in Central America.

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Pico Bonito National Park is both easily accessible within Atlantida and the Bay Islands, as well as a true paradise, because there are fantastic lodging facilities there that will make you feel like royalty and allow you to enjoy the true jungle paradise in Atlantida.

Take for example the Cangrejal River Valley, a unique setting with out of this world scenery, dense tropical rain forest vegetation and so many different things to do and see that you will need to spend several nights to enjoy at its fullest. Best of all, it is only a 25 minute ride from the Ferry Terminal in La Ceiba and 20 minutes from downtown La Ceiba. Access is through an all weather dirt road with magnificent scenery, including a crystal clear river with building sized boulders, majestic waterfalls and forested mountains teeming with tropical birds, including the beautiful colorful keeled billed toucan.

Within the valley, you will find up to 10 different lodging facilities with rates that will fit into your budget, whatever it is. Many of these, like La Villa de Soledad B&B are award winning properties where you will feel truly comfortable, with great orthopedic beds, natural cross ventilation, broad band high speed interned and the best of Honduran hospitality. The fully bilingual English – Spanish staff will make you comfortable and help you make the most out of your stay in the area.

Visit the Cangrejal River Valley and get a true sense the true jungle paradise in Atlantida!