0101 = Expatriates Bar and Grill

Is 0101 the New Expatriates Bar and Grill?

I bet I got you on this one! Allow me to elaborate. This week I had dinner and a couple of beers a new place in town. Well, sort of, it’s actually an old place, but with a new name and administration. When I first visited La Ceiba back in 1993, there was one bar that was the happening place in town. Expatriates Bar and Grill was the name. A friendly Canadian couple, Mark and Maureen ran the place. The atmosphere was quiet and low key. Away from the rush of the Zona Viva. Good vibes, perfect prices and great food. They cooked all their meals in a charcoal broiler. Everything they served had that great taste that charcoal broiled food has.

Expatriates Bar and Grill in La Ceiba was referred to as “Expats”

Back then, Expatriates Bar and Grill was popular with the foreigners who visited La Ceiba. It was also the place to meet all the expats who lived in La Ceiba. Regardless of their nationality, they would all meet here on a regular basis. Mark and Maureen decided to go back to Canada and sold the business to Joe and Michelle. Although they were from the US, Joe was actually born in La Ceiba and grew up in San Pedro Sula. They expanded the business and made it popular with the locals in La Ceiba.

Joe and Michele got out of their succesful bar and restaurant business. They sold the Expatriates Bar and Grill to a Canadian and a French man, Rick and Jerome. The business started sliding down hill, and soon closed. It was a big loss for the local expat community. We all complained that there was no place to go anymore. A few startups took place here, but the business just did not manage to get a jump start.

This is where 0101 comes to place. It turns out that as of 2017 a new establishment is now open in the same locale. The name is 0101. Although it might seem like an unlikely name for a bar and restaurant in La Ceiba, it makes a lot of sense.

Understanding 0101

You see, the Honduran ID system assigns a number to every department and municipality. They start in alphabetical order. The only department in Honduras that starts with an A is Atlantida. Those born in Atlantida have a 01 as the first number in their ID cards. The municipalities have the same logic, with the exception that the first municipality is not by alphabetical order. It refers to the capital of the department. As such, 0101 represents the first numbers in the ID for any person born in La Ceiba, Atlantida! 0101 is betting on the pride of all La Ceiba natives to be successful.

Walking into 0101 this week, I got a true sense of Déjà Vu. It was like walking into the old Expatriates Bar and Grill that I had been to so many times. The question in my head was what will it be like inside? Well I am happy to report that it was much like in the old days! Although the menu is short, the food was good. I was disappointed by the lack of willingness to be flexible with my order. They have four different selections of wings, and I wanted to try two different ones. They refused to allow me to order a half order of one sauce and a half order of the other.

Good Times and Fond Memories!

Leaving that to the side, the atmosphere was pleasant, and so was the food. I even ran into some old-timers from the Expats days. I hope that the 0101 does succeed! We need a pleasant, quiet place where to meet with friends and enjoy good times in La Ceiba. I did enjoy walking up the steps and getting that déjà vu feeling. It was almost like in the old days when I was walking into Expatriates Bar and Grill! I fully recommend a visit to 0101 Bar and Restaurant!