La Ceiba Carnival 2020

There is no doubt that the yearly Carnival in La Ceiba, is one of the most popular events in Honduras. This even includes Central America. This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic the La Ceiba Carnival was cancelled. This is a blow to the economy of the city, and to the possibility of entertainment for the local community, who has been in a total lock-down for the last 70 days. We are all in need of a good time and fun entertainment.

A group of La Ceiba citizens decided to find an alternative way to celebrate the La Ceiba Carnival 2020. They came up with a fantastic idea! We are going to have a virtual carnival! This is a great original idea! It is also the perfect excuse to have a change of mood. We trust that it will inspire you to plan your trip to La Ceiba to celebrate the Carnival 2021. It also allows us to say that the La Ceiba Carnival has been celebrated continuously since its first edition back in 1972.

But just how do you participate in a carnival virtually? There will be no floats, no crowds, no food stalls or bars open in town. Well for one, we will have live music from different local artists. We shall also have short videos from the different restaurants in town, that will be waiting for you next time you visit La Ceiba.

Local television channels will also share videos and images from past carnivals. I am looking forward to the live presentations from the different local artists, which will include Garifuna artists such as Aurelio Martinez.

La Ceiba Carnival 2020

I invite you to visit the La Ceiba Carnival 2020 facebook page, where you will find more information. Make sure that you reserve time for next weekend when we will be celebrating and transmitting our virtual carnival. This is a grass roots movement that has won the good will of the La Ceiba Mayor and the Honduras Institute of Tourism.  Enjoy this first Virtual Carnival: The La Ceiba Carnival 2020 will be a different experience for all of us!