New Cafe in La Ceiba

Plaza Cafe, the New Cafe in La Ceiba Opens its Doors!

Plaza Café, one of the leading, upscale, gourmet coffee shops in Honduras has opened its doors in La Ceiba. With this, Plaza Café now has locations in three different cities.  Gracias Lempira, Santa Rosa de Copan and La Ceiba! Perhaps one of their most outstanding features is that they grow their own coffee. The coffee served in Plaza Café, the new café in La Ceiba, comes from the Finca Santa Elena. This means that the coffee you drink here is especially produced with the highest quality. The Finca grows high altitude shade grown coffee

The location of this new Plaza Café in La Ceiba is great. It is within the Plaza Premier mall, across the street from the Dantoni Hospital. This puts it within walking distance of several hotels and close to many restaurants. The schedule is convenient, open daily from 7:00 a.m. till 7 p.m. A pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, with different scenarios, makes it ideal for a get together with your friends. If you are one of those persons that just needs a good cup of coffee to get yourself going in the morning, this is a great alternative!

Visit Plaza Cafe at Uniplaza Mall in La Ceiba

new cafe in La Ceiba
A fresh inviting setting at Plaza Cafe in La Ceiba

This new café in La Ceiba offers wifi, as well as a variety of pastries and cakes. Many tables look out the spacious windows towards the street below. The air conditioned atmosphere makes it a great oasis from the hot, humid climate of La Ceiba. Next time you are looking for a good cup of coffee, consider visiting Plaza Café, the new café in La Ceiba. You will enjoy a fantastic cup of gourmet coffee to savor.

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Honduras coffee has become World famous. Fortunately, not all the export quality coffee goes out of the country. One of the top producing coffee areas in Honduras is in the Western mountains of Copan and Lempira. This is the area where you will find the Finca Santa Elena. If you are looking for outstanding coffee while in La Ceiba, consider Plaza Café. It is one of several gourmet coffee shops in town.