New Hostel in La Ceiba!

When I first came to Honduras, over 25 years ago, one of the most popular hotels for backpackers was the Amsterdam 2001. It was in the Zona Viva, and the owner, a Dutch man by the name of Jan Zaal was a great host. He was a seaman who fell in love with a local woman and ended up staying in La Ceiba. He bought a piece of property and built his hotel: the Amsterdam 2001. Jan and his wife personally ran the hotel and did a good job at doing so. Most Honduras travel books spoke highly of the facility. He had a close relationship with hotels and hostels in the Bay Islands.

Jan’s son built a hotel next to Amstedam 2001 and called it the Rotterdam Hotel. Soon there was a fierce competition for clients. Eventually the Rotterdam, which has better infrastructure won. However, the lack of tourists visiting Honduras after the 2009 political crisis made both hotels close their doors.

I was happy to see that the old Rotterdam hotel has reinvented itself and is now a hostel. The facility has a total of 8 rooms and is only half a block from the beach in the zona viva. The hotel has two or three beds in each room. Although the property is small, there are nice gardens and even an area where they serve breakfast. Las Vibras, the new hostel in La Ceiba, is full of good vibes. It also has the right partnerships to help promote its success. A close relationship with one of the leading tourist shuttle van providers in the area is a natural feeder of tourists into the hostel.

This new hostel in La Ceiba offers a variety of tours at great prices for its guests. They include white water rafting in the Cangrejal River Valley. The hostels location is ideal as it is close to many restaurants and bars. The location is safe, and it is very easy to catch a cab to go anywhere in town. I think this new hostel in La Ceiba will quickly become one of the most popular places for backpackers in La Ceiba. Las Vibras hostel also offers easy access to the great night life in La Ceiba!