The Gran Hotel La Ceiba is Under New Management

Every city has a couple of old well established hotels in the La Ceiba downtown area. Many of these end up closing their doors as downtown becomes less attractive to stay in. La Ceiba is no exception to this rule. Perhaps the two most iconic hotels in downtown La Ceiba are the Gran Hotel Paris and the Gran Hotel La Ceiba. The Hotel Paris has was renovated a few years ago, and the owners have made sure that it does not appear old or abandoned. The Gran Hotel La Ceiba fell into a vicious circle and ended up closing its doors last year. .

Gran Hotel La Ceiba
Totally renovated rooms at Gran Hotel La Ceiba

Fortunately, a local investor jumped on the opportunity to buy the property. This means that the Gran Hotel La Ceiba is under new management. Not only is the management new, they have updated the property. Today, the Gran Hotel La Ceiba is probably the best deal in town! First of all is the location, right on Avenida San Isidro and two blocks from Central Park. Second, the rates are very competitive and affordable. Third, all the room furniture, from beds to TV to air-conditioning are new. Bathroom and floors all have new imported ceramic that is sparkling clean. For all practical purposes, the hotel is new![themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

Gran Hotel La Ceiba
Comfortable restaurant bar at Hotel Ceiba

The Gran Hotel La Ceiba offers many rooms with a small balcony. These are all very popular, especially during the La Ceiba Carnival. The view from these balconies is absolutely the best when it comes to seeing the parade in the street down below. The hotel also offers a small coffee shop / bar on the ground floor that allows you to enjoy a bite or a spirited drink in the comfort of your hotel.[themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

The building that is home to the Gran Hotel La Ceiba is one of the tallest in town. This means that you have great views from the top floors. In the past, it also meant you had to carry your bags up the flight of steps to your room. I am happy to announce that the elevator is working perfectly, and as such, you need not worry about climbing up several stories to your bedroom.

If you are visiting La Ceiba and need a room that is affordable, has a private bath with hot water and with AC, look no more. Do yourself a favor and stop by at the Gran Hotel La Ceiba. They even have an auxiliary power plant to keep you comfortable when the power goes out!