La Ensenada Resort

Tela is famous for its beaches and small town atmosphere. It is also one of the shining stars of Atlantida, the upcoming destination in Central America’s Caribbean coast. It offers a variety of different hotels to stay in. Each hotel or resort has its own charm and atmosphere. Three of the top beach resorts in Honduras are in Tela: Telamar Resort, Indura Beach and Golf Resort and La Ensenada.

La Ensenada Resort

La Ensenada Resort dock
The dock at La Ensenada Resort in Tela

I had a chance to spend a couple of nights last week in La Ensenada Resort. The rooms are great, and many of them are actually condo units with two bedroom suites and a full kitchen. My room offered a large bed with quiet air conditioning and a spacious, deluxe bathroom. The gardens are well manicured and invite you to wander throughout the property. The highlight of course is the Caribbean Beach. Tela is famous for its white sand beaches, and offers some of the best beaches in Central America. La Ensenada is tucked away in the eastern end of the Bay of Tela, protected by a small peninsula. The Peninsula is actually a National Park: Punta Izopo National Park. Here the surf is usually calm, providing ideal conditions to enjoy a swim in the Caribbean![themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

La Ensenada Resort Pool
The Lovely Pool at La Ensenada Resort in Tela

A nice dock invites you walk over the Caribbean and offers ideal settings to watch the sunset. Are you are one of those who love to see the ocean and walk on the beach, but do not like to swim in salt water? If so, you will fall in love with their pool! The expansive pool is spectacular. A full service swim up pool bar offers a wide variety of cocktails and beer. Oh, and did I mention the property is all inclusive? This means that you can enjoy whatever cocktail you want without having to pay for it or sign your name to a tab![themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

The spacious restaurant offers a full buffet for each meal. Choose from a generous selection of foods. A Honduran Chef with international experience prepares all the food. You will love the gastronomic experience at La Ensenada Resort!

Things to do When Staying at La Ensenada Resort

La Ensenada Resort
A Nice Selection of Exotic Jellies can be Purchased in Tela.

In addition to visiting the nearby Punta Izopo National Park, you can also visit Punta Sal National Park. It is also known as Jeannette Kawas National Park. Nearby, the Lancetilla Botanical Garden waits with a showcase of tropical birds that have made their home there! This is a bird watchers paradise that is worth visiting. The variety of exotic tropical plants there has attracted the local birds that enjoy a unique selection of fruits. You are sure to find exotic fruits that you had never even heard of before.  Taste the different jelly’s made by local women. They are for sale at the Gardens or in their store in downtown Tela.[themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

The Garifuna Culture, a World Heritage of Humanity Culture

If you want to learn about different cultures, the Garifuna people will captivate you. This is an ethnic group that came to be when a ship transporting African slaves ran aground in the Caribbean near the island of Saint Vincent in the Grenadines. There, they soon became allies with the local Carib Natives, and together maintained their freedom. In the end, they were all captured and sent to the island of Roatan, where they were marooned. The Spaniards moved them to the Mainland of Honduras, and they have spread throughout the Caribbean Coast of Central America.

Today, they are part of the varied ethnic groups that live in Honduras. They have their own unique culture and language, and have a communal land ownership system. The Garifuna people are friendly and you can arrange a visit to their communities. Those nearest to La Ensenada Resort are La Ensenada and Truinfo de La Cruz. To the West, you will find San Juan, Tornabe and Miami are to the West of the Bay of Tela.

There is much to do and see in Tela. La Ensenada Resort is a great place to stay in and use as a base to discover the lovely Bay of Tela and the Tela National Parks! I will be back with more time to visit the different places I was not able to visit during this quick trip to Tela.