Cafe San Rafael Keeps Getting Better!

Cafe San Rafael
The New Cafe San Rafael building in Copan Ruinas

I hate to admit it, but it has been 20 months since I was last in Copan Ruinas. Last time I was here, Cafe San Rafael, my favorite cafe in Copan was building a new shop and I was aware they moved in a few months ago. So naturally, a stop at San Rafael was in the bucket list. Wow, Cafe San Rafael keeps getting better and better! Here I am, enjoying a cup of their great coffee, a cheesecake that is to die for and a looking at the best selection of wine bottles in Western Honduras! Who knows? I may even indulge a bit more and have a glass of wine![themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

Enjoy the Best Wine List in Copan at the Speakeasy Wine Bar at Cafe San Rafael!

So why to I claim that Cafe San Rafael keeps getting better and better? Well for one, they have become the first real wine bar in Copan Ruinas. (Many years ago, there was a small establishment that was called the “Wine Barcito” across the Yat Balam Boutique Hotel). It was a cozy little hole in the wall, but did not have much a variety of wines. This is not the case at new Speakeasy Wine Bar!

Cafe San Rafael
Enjoying a gourmet coffee at San Rafael in Copan Ruinas

The new Cafe San Rafael features the same patio setting plus a brand new two story building with a modern feel and fully air-conditioned. This means that there is a spot in town where you can escape to on the hot summer days in Copan Ruinas! They offer the best cup of coffee in town, as well as their superb artisan crafted cheeses. Not only can you choose from a large variety of cheeses, including blue cheese, brie, camambert, etc. Now you can enjoy them with your choice of different wines from the most extensive wine list in town![themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

San Rafael also offers hi speed Wi-Fi to their guests. A small meeting room on the second floor is ideal for a private small get together with friends. If you are looking for a spectacular setting, you can walk up to the rooftop terrace that offers one of the best views of Copan. The sunsets from this vantage point are awesome!

The coffee shop / wine bar is located next to their old locale, across the street from Carnitas Nia Lola. These are two places you MUST visit while in Copan. Make sure that you visit them! You will be happy if you heed my advice!