Christmas in Honduras 2019

Christmas is always a time to be jolly. And Christmas in Honduras 2019 has so far been special. I am in the lovely town of Copan Ruinas for Christmas this year. It is always nice here, and yet this Christmas is especially nice. The reason is that the local town hall has made a special effort to decorate the central plaza. But it is not only the décor. They have also put together a nightly program leading to Christmas eve. Last night they had a “Posada”.

Christmas in Honduras 2019
Enjoying dinner at La Casa de Todo in Copan Ruinas.

While it was not a typical Mexican posada it was a nice theatrical representation of the events leading to the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.  The posada took place one of the main streets in town, where you usually find artisans selling their goods. A Mexican posada usually includes a group of “pilgrims” walking from door to door looking for lodging. While doing so, they sing tunes that are specifically related to the pilgrim’s tribulations to find proper lodging for the night before Mary, the mother of Christ goes into labor.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1″ border_width=”1″]

At the end of a posada in Mexico, they will always have piñatas for the kids. These however are stuffed with more traditional goods in stead of candy. These include peanuts, sugar cane and even some fruits, such as oranges and tangerines. Last night there were no piñatas, but the efforts put into the event on behalf of the City Major and the team that put together the event made for a special night. Congrats to the organizing committee and the young actors who put the show together!

Christmas in Honduras 2019: Festivities in Copan Ruinas

Christmas in Honduras 2019
Christmas Tree Hotel Marina Copan in Copan Ruinas

The hotels and restaurants that cater to tourism in Copan have done a nice job with their Christmas decorations. You can certainly feel that Christmas time has arrived. As you walk around town, you can find many women cooking the traditional Christmas tamales. You see Christmas in Honduras 2019 will be no different to the previous Christmas celebrations in Honduras. The Tamales, pork legs, and piglets will all be on the tables. Some more Americanized folks will always have a baked turkey on their tables, but turkeys are not part of the local Christmas folklore.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1″ border_width=”1″]

Families who can not afford a pork leg to put on the dinner table will have a chicken baked in the oven. But they will all have tamales, lots of them! May this Christmas in Honduras 2019 bring joy to all families in the country. And the coming new year, 2020 bring hope and prosperity to people all around the World. Merry Christmas to all!