Getting Twisted in Copan

When you are traveling, you might feel the urge of getting twisted from time to time. Last Christmas, I happened to be in Copan Ruinas, a jewel of a town in Western Honduras that is home to the most artistic Mayan archaeological park in all of the “Mundo Maya” or “Mayan World”

Copan and I are quite familiar with each other. I first came to Copan during my first trip to Honduras back in 1992, and established myself permanently in Honduras in 1993 in Copan. Although many things have changed since then, Copan is still a magical spot worth visiting and spending some time in.

So upon arrival, I felt the urge of getting twisted in Copan! The fact that I was walking and enjoying the view from Central Park and saw a big sign on the eastern side of the park that read:”Twisted” did not help things out either. You see, one of the very unique spots in Copan over the years has been a restaurant bar run by a British gal that goes by the name of Tanya. She lived in Roatan for many years and ran a business there that was called Twisted Toucan, and when she decided that she needed a change, she came to Copan, and opened a restaurant bar in town that she called Twisted Tanya’s.

However, after years of being in a corner half a block away from Don Udo’s Hotel and Restaurant, she has now moved to Central Park… So I did whatever any reasonable guy with an urge to get twisted in Copan would do: I walked up the stairs to the bar overlooking Central Park and asked for Tanya herself…

But Alas, Tanya was out of town, so I had to have a beer on my own… Twisted Tanya’s is probably the best restaurant in town. It also serves really ice cold beer, but the prices are certainly not on par with Honduran prices. So make sure you are prepared to pay a bill more of international standards than of local ones.

When strolling around Central Park in Copan Ruinas, you cannot miss Twisted Tanya’s right on the parks corner. The setting is truly delightful, colorful and cozy. It is also the perfect place if you are looking at getting twisted in Copan!