The Clarion Hotel in Copan Ruinas

Have you ever felt like you are at home when you travel? That “déjà vu” feeling of I have been there before often happens when you visit unique places. 23 years ago, when I first moved to Honduras I made Copan Ruinas my home. There, I made my first Honduran friends, met the love of my life and started a new life.

I landed myself a job as director of sales at the largest hotel in Copan Ruinas, the Posada Real de Copan. It was a learning experience, as the hotel was just opening its doors. Back then it was managed by Biltmore Hotels of Guatemala, and was under a Best Western Franchise. Although my office was in San Pedro Sula, I spent a lot of time in Copan Ruinas in those days. I learned a lot about hotel management and quality control.

Feel at Home at the Clarion Hotel in Copan Ruinas

I supervised getting the rooms put together, and was the first person to sleep in several different rooms. So this Christmas, going to Copan Ruinas and staying at this hotel was like a homecoming. The property is now the Clarion Copan Hotel. Although I have been to Copan many times since, it had been several years since I last spent the night there.

feeling of being at home when you travel
The Gardens and Pool at the Clarion Hotel in Copan Ruinas

Here is what I found: The grounds are looking great. The palm trees and gardening has matured and the landscape is lovely. These palms give the property a stately, elegant air that befits it well. The Lobby is airy, and yet cozy, with many different areas to sit and relax. The restaurant maintains its elegant look and the menu is what you would expect from a hotel under an international franchise. The food was great, the service even better.

The rooms have also changed. New mini split air conditioning units make for a quieter operation. Flat TVs on the wall provide more space in the rooms.  The bed linen is fresh and comfortable and the beds are of orthopedic quality. The bottom line, is that staying at the Clarion Copan Hotel was a pleasant experience.

The Clarion Hotel in Copan Ruinas Offers the Following Unique Assets:

The hotel offers An added benefit. There is the nature trail that loops through the mountain pine forests of near the hotel. If you are in a more “Indiana Jones” mood, try the short hike to “Rastrojon”. This is the newest addition to the Copan Archaeological Park. This was a military outpost to defend the City of Copan from impending military aggression. It is on a nearby mountain top, and has a dominating view of the magnificent Copan Valley.

If you are looking for a franchise hotel in Copan Ruinas, the Clarion Copan is your only option in town. If you want a room with all the modern amenities, great views and the serenity of nature, the Clarion Copan is a great alternative.  Finally, if you are traveling with your family and need a nice pool area to entertain your kids consider this property. Besides to the pool, their grounds are extensive and offer lots or room for your kids to roam. They are also a pet friendly hotel. This means that they will accept your furry companion in your room for a reasonable fee.