Great New Breakfast Spot in French Harbour!


This week I was in Roatan. I took the first flight from La Ceiba via LANHSA Airlines in order to have a full day on the island. So, after landing, I got my rental car from Racing Rental car and took off to find a place for breakfast. I figured it would be a good option to go the Megaplaza Mall just outside of French Harbour. The fact that the CEMESA hospital is there means that there should be people that need a good breakfast after getting their lab tests. I was happy I went with my instincts, as I found a great new breakfast spot in French Harbour!

The Breakfast House is almost next to Expresso Americano. It opens daily at 7:00 am and serves breakfast all day long. They have some great homemade breakfasts available for you to choose from. I got the good old American Breakfast, and I was more that satisfied. The bacon was perfect, the hash browns were outstanding, and the eggs and toast rounded it up perfectly. Coffee was piping hot and very good, and I also got a glass of orange juice.

great breakfast spot in French HarbourIt turns out that the Breakfast House also serves Mexican food in the evening. Being born in Mexico, I was tempted to come back for dinner here. But distances in Roatan are big, and I ended up spending the night in West End. I was not feeling adventurous to make the drive back to the Breakfast House. I did however notice that they offer a great selection of Tequila bottles which would have been very temping. So perhaps it was best that I did not have a chance to try their Mexican food. They close at 9:00 pm daily.[themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

While at this this new breakfast spot in French Harbour I ran into an old friend who lives in Palmetto Bay. We talked a bit and caught up with some local info. He told me he was brewing a healthy soursop tea that he swears by. Soursop is famous for its anticancer natural effects, and so I had to try it. He said I could find it at the new beer microbrewery on the island. Now this caught me ear! A new microbrewery in Roatan? Sounds like something I need to check out!

So, the next day, I set out to find the new micro brewery. I took the road from Sandy Bay through Mudhole towards Palmetto Bay. The brand new road is stunning! The road is a pleasure to drive and it will soon be open from Palmetto Bay to Brick Bay! Boy this is a major plus for the island! But that is another story that I will tell you about in another post!

But now you know. If you need a good breakfast spot in French Harbour, check out the Breakfast House. You will be happy that you did. And although I did not get a taste of their Mexican food, I bet it is worthwhile!  And then again, if you need a shot of good Tequila, this is the place to go to! Bon Appetit!