San Pedro Sula Modern and Clean?

Most travelers and would be visitors imagine San Pedro Sula to be a dirty, unsafe third world country city. Few do research beyond the “murder capital of the World” title that it unjustly has. But, how is San Pedro Sula? I can rightfully state that yes, the tag “San Pedro Sula modern and clean” applies well to this city.

San Pedro Sula Modern and Clean is the Economic Motor of Honduras

San Pedro Sula has been one of the fastest growing cities south of the USA. It is no surprise that over 40% of Honduras’ gross domestic product is produced within the municipal limits of San Pedro Sula. The city is well on its way to become Central America’s Smart City. The city has sprawling malls, mayor throughways, and Honduras’ most important international airport. San Pedro Sula is the industrial and financial capital of Honduras.

Hondurans say that Tegucigalpa thinks and San Pedro Sula works. The result is clear, San Pedro Sula is indeed modern and clean. But of course the question most of you probably want answered is whether San Pedro Sula is safe. The city has without doubt struggled with growing pains, which include a strong immigration from rural areas. Providing housing, water, education and safety for this influx of people has not been an easy task.

Yet the city has a concrete plan to develop for the next 25 years. As you fly over the city when arriving by plane, you will see many wide boulevards. The city is exceptionally green. Locals rely heavily on shade from their trees to provide a natural cooling element. Modern universities, both private and public offer affordable education to the local youth. Indeed, San Pedro Sula modern and clean fits the reality. San Pedro Sula is striving to become the first smart city in Central America!

The local industry has created many jobs. It is within the Sula valley that most of the in-bond manufacturing plants are located in. These jobs not only provide job opportunities, they demand professional employees. By doing so, a middle class has effectively grown within the city limits. San Pedro Sula is seeking to attract more and more investment.

San Pedro Sula, The Gateway to Honduras

But San Pedro Sula has also become the entry gateway for tourists visiting Honduras. It’s international airport receives more airlines and flights than Tegucigalpa, the capital city. Its geographic location provides the perfect setting to visit Honduras. It gives you easy access to the beach destinations in Atlantida, to the rural highlands of Western Honduras, including Copan and the Lenca Trail. It also allows you easy access to the area around Lake Yojoa and National Parks in Atlantida.

The city offers a variety of hotels to choose from. Choose between high end franchise hotels like the new Hyatt Place, the Hilton, the Intercontinental or the Crown Plaza. Prefer a small hotel with personalized service? Check out Casa del Arbol, Boutique hotel Isabella and many other alternatives available to you! The city also offers some of the best food in Honduras.

Exploring Downtown San Pedro Sula

San Pedro Sula modern and clean
Hotel Casa del Arbol in downtown San Pedro Sula

During my stay in San Pedro Sula last week, I spent the night at the Casa del Arbol Guamilito. The hotel is in a charming old wooden home that is reminiscent of the Banana boom in Honduras . Being downtown allows you explore the area and eat at some of the most iconic restaurants in the downtown area. It is also within walking distance to the Museum of Archeology in San Pedro Sula, as well as the nice CORACTS food plaza where you can sample a variety of typical food from Honduras in a safe environment. For a more detailed list on downtown restaurants in San Pedro Sula, check my blog! I walked around the area and felt safe and comfortable doing so. At night you will have to be more careful about exploring, but I found that even around 9 and 10 pm it was safe to walk around.

If you are looking for souvenirs, you can check out the Guamilito Market, which is nearby, as well as the souvenir market next to Plaza Coracts. Remember that at both locations, you can barter the prices. Don’t be shy about doing so. The vendors will never sell something at a loss. If you visit Honduras and pass through San Pedro Sula, don´t let the negative reviews keep you from exploring it. Make sure you make use of common sense and ask the people at the front desk of your hotel what is safe and what is not. Yes, San Pedro Sula modern and clean and even safe!