Beware its Mango Season in Honduras!

Mango season in Honduras
Green mangos with salt and pepper.

Tis the Mango Season in Honduras. It is a great time to enjoy a truly magnificent fruit. Locals love it green, before it is ripe. They add lemon and salt, pepper and even chili powder. Personally, I like them ripe. There are so many different varieties of Mango’s, that I will not even go into them as It would be a never-ending story![themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

Mango trees can get to be huge. They provide a much-appreciated shade during the hot summer days in the tropics. But alas, you should be careful and avoid sitting under a Mango tree when it is full with ripe mangos.  When the fruit ripens, it falls, and you do not want to be under the tree! If you are, you will feel like you are in a battle ground with non-exploding bombs falling all around you!

This week I stopped by my favorite restaurant in La Ceiba: El Jardin de Susana. Susana, a lovely woman who really knows how to cook owns and runs the restaurant. Her restaurant is in the garden, and she built a large roof to provide shade for her customers. Towering over the garden roof is a huge mango tree that provides shade and cooler temperatures. But since we are in the middle of Mango season in Honduras, we were constantly under siege by these flying fruits! Fortunately, there was a roof over us to protect us from these nasty bombs that would have otherwise targeted us mercilessly!

During the mango season in Honduras, it is customary to see young children under a mango tree. They are usually with rocks in their hands and are throwing them up into the tree. The objective is to hit a mango and down it, so they can eat it. At first glimpse, it may seem like they are hunting a bird, but it is a mango they are after.

It is also common to see young couples staring up the tree wishing they could get their hands on a tasty mango. The chance to win the young woman’s heart with a mango is hastily taken advantage by the pretender. Hi will try to prove his abilities to her by downing some prime mango fruits for his companion. Who would have thought that having good aim to throw stones up a tree could win you a heart! If you are visiting the country, take advantage of the mango season in Honduras! You will love the taste of the different species of mangos available. Best of all, they are very cheap because of the abundance of them.