Copan Ruinas Street Food

Many travelers on a budget have discovered that street food has a special flavor. You do not get these flavors in a fancy restaurant! Best of all, street food is affordable. You can stretch your budget a long way if you resort to eating in the streets. Finding the best Copan Ruinas street food is quite easy. The stands have been set up on the south side of Central Park. This means that if you have found Central Park you have found the Copan Ruinas street food stalls!

As a general rule, the street food stalls are open for lunch and dinner. The most popular food here is Carne Asada, or charcoal broiled meat. This of course comes with a corn tortilla and chismol, a mix of diced onion, green pepper and tomato.

Another popular meal served at the stalls in front of the park is the “canches”.  A canche is a crispy tortilla with fried beans on its topside and a liquid tomato sauce. Of course, the very Honduran “baleada” is always available also. The traditional Honduran baleada is a thin wheat tortilla. It has beans, cream and cheese. Baleadas can get fancy, you can add eggs, chicken, and even meat to make them more nourishing.

Chicken with fried plantains are another alternative on the menu. Last. But not least, during the corn harvesting season it is common to find charcoal broiled corn on the cob. This is a Honduran delicacy, that is tastier than boiled corn.

Most of the establishments also offer a bottled soda or an ice cold beer to go with your meal. If they do not have what you want, you can always walk into the small liquor store across the street and buy what you want to drink.

If you are looking for a tasty, budget dinner, the Copan Ruinas street food stalls at the park are a great alternative!