Honduras Soccer

Honduras Soccer is a National Passion

Soccer in Honduras is the one activity that can erase political, religious and social lines. When the National Soccer team is playing, all that matters is that we are all Honduran and going for the same team! The Honduras Soccer is one of the best in Central America. As a general rule, when the national team plays, the country comes to a standstill.

All Hondurans follow the race to qualify for the World Cup. Honduras is part of the CONCACAF. This is the Fifa region that includes North and Central America, as well as the Caribbean.  Currently, the first stage of the qualifying process is taking place. Only 6 national teams will pass on to the next stage. The two soccer powerhouses in the area, Mexico and the USA will surely pass on the the next stage.

Honduras has two games left in this stage, and the next match, against Canada, takes place today. The game will take place in San Pedro Sula as of 3:00 p.m. local time. This means that the country will come to standstill, as everybody will watch the game. The venue for the match is the Olympic stadium in San Pedro Sula. With a total capacity of 44,000 persons, it will be packed this afternoon.

Honduras NEEDS to win this match. Statistics are favorable to Honduras, who usually wins when they play their Canadian rival. In the last process towards the Rio 2014 World Cup, Honduras clobbered Canada 8-1. Honduras could use a win like that again. The difference in goals can be crucial to determine which country passes on to the next stage.

The next and final game of the current stage will be against Mexico, a much stronger rival for Honduras. Even more complicated is the fact that that final game will take place in Mexico City at the Aztec Stadium. That stadium is a stronghold for Mexico. Honduras has beat Mexico on many occasions, but this feat is usually done in Honduran soil.

So if you are visiting Honduras you will find the streets very quiet between 3 and 5 this afternoon. If Honduras wins, as expected by all Hondurans, a big party will take place this tonight. You will notice that many Hondurans are wearing the Honduras soccer national team jersey. Let us hope that Honduras wins by a big margin. Qualifying for the next World Cup will not be possible if we do not pass on the next stage.

Long live the Honduras soccer team! Que viva la seleccion!