The Cangrejal River, one of the 30 Wonders of Honduras!

30 wonders of Honduras
Plaque declaring the Cangrejal River a Wonder of Honduras

Back in 2011 an online survey took place using social media to determine the most significant 30 Wonders of Honduras.  The survey considered historical buildings, natural settings, cultural and gastronomical elements among other elements. The result was a list of 30 outstanding wonders of Honduras that everyone should experience. The final list was put in order according to the total number of votes that each candidate to be one of the 30 Wonders of Honduras got.

The Cangrejal River was proposed by the Chamber of Tourism of La Ceiba. A campaign was the launched to promote the Cangrejal River and motivate members of society to vote for it. The campaign was successful, and the Cangrejal River was in the final list of the 30 Wonders of Honduras! As a matter of fact, it was the eighth place as far as votes went!

To be honest, it is easy to see why the Cangrejal River is one of the 30 Wonders of Honduras. It´s fresh, crystal clear waters are inviting to anyone who sees them. In addition, the thick jungles that border the river provide a perfect combination of blue waters and green forests. The setting is not only beautiful, but also pristine, and only 8 miles from downtown La Ceiba. If you are in the Bay Islands and want to visit this magnificent destination, you are only 10 miles from the ferry terminal in La Ceiba!

The Cangrejal River is a Site Full of Wonders!

The Cangrejal River
The Cangrejal River meanders between Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios National Parks

Many first-time visitors to the Cangrejal River cannot believe the size of the boulders within the river. Some of them are the size of a small building! The boulders not only create the perfect setting for white water rafting. There is a myriad of natural pools that are ideal to jump into and relax without having to worry about the strong currents in the intermediate rapids.

Not only is it easy to reach this river, one of the 30 Wonders of Honduras, but there are also many activities and lodges within it! You can choose between hiking trails in two different National Parks. You can do Canyoneering, zip lining and white-water rafting! If you just want to cool off during the hot summer days, you will love the cool pools with natural shade, thanks to the trees and boulders on the riverbanks. Perhaps the most significant aspect of the area, is that you can visit this area without fear. The local communities love tourists, and these are not only welcome, but also looked after!

30 wonders of Honduras
View of the Cangrejal River from the Las Mangas Bridge

Some people love enjoying a picnic at the Cangrejal River. However, if you are tourist going to the market for your picnic supplies can me a nuisance. Fortunately, there are several great alternatives to enjoy a meal in the area. We invite you to check out our post on Cangrejal River Restaurants where we are sure you will find one that is perfect for your needs!

If you have never been to the Cangrejal River Valley, then you should put it in your bucket list. Come and discover why it won the title of one of the 30 Wonders of Honduras!

30 Wonders of Honduras Bicentennial Edition

As part of the effort to celebrate the bicentennial of Honduras as an independent country, a new selection of Wonders of Honduras is under way. The effort looks to identify an additional 30 Wonders of Honduras, Bicentennial Edition. The process is about to begin next week, and everyone can propose a site as a candidate. The web page is also in English, which means that you will be able to participate in the effort even is you do not speak Spanish. To participate, visit the 30 Wonders of Honduras webpage. Share your special favorite places or activities in Honduras with the World!