Copan Ruinas Highway Update

Most anyone who has been to Copan Ruinas in the last few years complains about the highway. I was just there for the weekend and am happy to provide the following Copan Ruinas highway update.  I drove from La Ceiba to Copan Ruinas last Friday and just got back home a couple of hours ago. The highway between San Pedro Sula and La Entrada de Copan was in better shape that I imagined. Don`t get me wrong, it desperately needs a new surface. However, there were very few potholes along the road, and if you drive at about 90 km/h, you will be fine.

Copan Ruinas Highway update
Locely scenery on the new road to Copan Ruinas

I have heard of horrendous delays on the highway between La Entrada de Copan and Copan Ruinas. This is since they are completely rebuilding this highway. Officially, construction will be done by the end of the year. Honestly, I do not believe it will be, but I construction work is moving at a fast pace. They are building a hydraulic concrete highway that should last for a long time. There are several areas along this mountainous route that have faults that continuously damage the existing road. There has been some massive construction to ensure that the road stays in place. The highway is almost halfway done as far as pavement is concerned. But the old road expansion is pretty much ready to pour the concrete to finish the surface.

I was very lucky because I drove just before the upcoming “Feriado Morazanico” construction came to complete halt on Friday afternoon, which meant there were no roadblocks to deal with. Today, it took me just a few minutes over an hour to traverse this stretch of road. I am sure you will be able to do it in approximately 45 minutes once they are through! Going to Copan will be a breeze! I expect that if funding continues, the road will be ready by Easter Week 2019.

Currently, the stretch between La Entrada and Florida Copan has a new surface. I can say the same for the stretch between Santa Rita de Copan and Los Ranchos. Do use caution as you travel this road during construction. I hate to report that I cracked my windshield with a small pebble on the road. I expect to be in Copan Ruinas for Christmas and will make a new Copan Ruinas highway update report then.