Deported Honduran Minors

Yesterday, as I was traveling back home from Mexico City, I encountered a sad sight. There were three different groups of deported Honduran Minors on the Aeromexico flight with me.  In total, there were 5 deported Honduran minors on the plane. It was sad to see these children and young teenagers with a defeated look on their faces. The youngest was a 12 year old girl. I must say that at least at face value, all of the deported Honduran minors were treated well and with dignity by the Mexican Immigration authorities in Mexico City.

The international protocol is that these minors who return to their country have an immigration authority escorting them. I learned that they were detained in three different Mexican states. Thus, different federal authorities were accompanying them.  The immigration authorities delivered the custody of each minor to the Honduran immigration authorities at the San Pedro Sula International Airport. I must say, it is good business for Aeromexico! In total there were 5 deported Honduran minors accompanied by 4 Mexican immigration authorities. This makes a total 9 passengers, about 10% of the passenger load!

But you will ask, what do these young Hondurans have to do with this blog? Well as you know, most are heading north to seek better opportunities. If there was a possibility of getting ahead in Honduras, they would not be leaving.  And you as a traveler can actually make a difference! First of all, by visiting Honduras. Many travelers do not realize how much of a difference they make when they vacation in a foreign country. Tourism generates much employment, and provides a possibility of entrepreneurship for many locals.

Travel Tips to Help The Local Communities

Here are a few good travel tips for visitors exploring Honduras. Travel off the beaten path and stay in smaller hotels. Visit community owned businesses and consume their goods and services. By doing this, you are helping to spread wealth. This is the principal behind responsible sustainable tourism. Providing an opportunity to locals makes a difference in their quality of life. It helps the locals not only with their economy. This reinforces their cultural heritage and encourages them to protect their environment. It is a true win-win situation!

I invite you to visit local communities and thus make a difference. There are many different businesses that include locals in their tourism services. Perhaps one of the most complete and successful efforts is Reservaciones La Ceiba. They support small community based tourism efforts in the area around La Ceiba on the Caribbean Coast of Honduras. Choose Honduras, is a tour operator in Honduras that offers in custom itineraries. They focus on responsible tourism and helping local communities.

Best Communities to Visit While Traveling in Honduras

Give yourself a chance to make a difference when traveling to Honduras. Help spread the wealth and leave a positive experience for the local communities. Above all, discover the real Honduras and the friendliness of its people. The north coast of Honduras offers many interesting alternatives to interact with the local communities. One of the most unique experiences is to visit and stay in the Garifuna Communities by the Caribbean Sea.

The Central Honduras highlands also offer opportunities to interact with the local indigenous community. Also known as the Lenca Trail or Lenca Route, the area between La Esperanza, Gracias and Santa Rosa de Copan offers unique scenic routes. The locals are friendly and always happy to share a smile. Learn about the quality shade grown coffee grown in Honduras and visit the Central American Coffee Capital, Santa Rosa de Copan.

For a truly adventuresome experience, consider traveling through La Moskitia from Honduras to Nicaragua. This is a remote region, where the Miskito natives retain many ancestral traditions. The lagoons and rivers offer the best way of transport between the different villages. Dugout canoes and motor boats are the local means of transportation in a land with no roads.