Honduras Airports

There are a total of four International Honduras Airports!

Honduras is the only Central American country with more that two international airports operating within its territory! A total of four international Honduras airports are in operation throughout the country, (Toncontin (TGU) in Tegucigalpa; Ramon Villeda Morales (SAP) in San Pedro Sula; Goloson (LCE) in La Ceiba; Juan Manuel Galvez (RTB) in Roatan). Toncontin has regular service by  Avianca, American Airlines, Copa Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Airlines. Villeda Morales in San Pedro Sula has service by Avianca, American Airlines, Copa Airlines, Delta Airlines, Spirit Air, and AeroMexico. Cayman Airways is the only international airline flying scheduled flights into La Ceiba. Finally, Roatan has service by Avianca, American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Airlines. As you can see, it easy to travel directly to the destination of your preference! Once in Honduras it is easy to get to the specific part of the country you wish to visit. Local flights are offered by several different local airlines, Sosa Airlines, CM Airlines, LANHSA  and Avianca Regional, all servicing the mayor cities and tourist destinations in Honduras.

New Honduras Airport opening in November 2021!

As of November 2021, the Palmerola International Airport in Comayagua will open its doors. This airport will replace Toncontin airport in Tegucigalpa as an international passenger and cargo hub. It´s improved facilities has already attracted several airlines to commence service to this area. Spirit Airlines and Aeromexico already have scheduled service available as of November 2021! Toncontin will remain open as a regional and domestic airport, servicing the CA4 countries which include Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

In addition to the four international Honduras airports, Honduras also has several domestic Honduras airports that make it easy to travel within the country. The most important of these airports are those located in Utila, Guanaja, Copan Ruinas, Gracias, Tela, Choluteca and Puerto Lempira. They are served by the different local airlines that provide service within Honduras. There are also some smaller airfields in the Moskito Coast (La Moskitia) that allow you to visit this vast and remote jungle land that is in the eastern end of Honduras, close to the border with Nicaragua.