Honduras Travel Advice

It is always great to have Access to expert travel advice when visiting a new destination. Having a connoisseur give you tips about special spots and hotels will have a positive impact on your vacation. At Honduras Travel, I work hard to be your best source of Honduras Travel Advice!

Why am I qualified to provide Expert Honduras travel advice? First and above all, I understand the needs of a tourist. Second, I have an adventuresome streak that has led me on many an expedition throughout Honduras. Third, I have lived and traveled throughout Honduras for the past 23 years and counting!

Honduras Travel Advice
The Award Wining Bed and Breakfast, La Villa de Soledad at the Cangrejal River Valley in La Ceiba.

The above means that I know the best way to get to each of Honduras’ destinations. I can also tell you which are the best budget hotels. I can also point you in the right direction if you are looking for perfect boutique hotel. Every destination has secret locations, which only the locals know. Like that special waterfall hidden in the mountains that offers a Wow effect to visitors. Or how about that refreshing swimming hole in the nearby creek? It is the ideal spot to cool off after a long hike in the mountains! Sometimes, it can be a trail up to the mountain top. There you will get that million dollar view that creates a memorable picture to cherish!

Many believe that one of the pleasures of traveling is discovering new foods. But, knowing where to find them and what to order can be tricky, especially if you do not speak the language! Chances are that I can lead you in the right direction! Don’t think that all Central American countries are the same. They are very different despite being neighbors. Make sure that you include Honduras in your travel to Central America. You will be glad that you did!

I have been to all 18 departments in Honduras. In the process, I have a met many wonderful people along the way. I have also been out to discover some magnificent natural sites throughout Honduras. I must admit that I am biased when it comes to Honduras. Although I am not a Honduran citizen, I did decide to move to this country many years ago. I have a lovely wife and four wonderful Honduran sons. (I also have three great Mexican sons).

Sure, Honduras has its problems. But then, so do all the other countries on Planet Earth! Above all, Honduras has a terrible reputation for safety. Yet believe me, the reality to visitors will be quite the opposite of what the press makes you think. Honduras is a friendly country. Although there are some dangerous places that you should avoid, that is true of every country on earth. Enjoy my blog, feel free to ask questions and request specific tips. Give me a chance to be your expert for Honduras travel advice.

You can contact me at my email at john.dupuis@hondurastravel.com Enjoy your travels in Honduras!