Honduras Travel Advisory 2021

We are soooo happy to say goodbye to 2020! As we look towards the upcoming year, we wish to provide you with an updated version of our traditional Honduras Travel Advisory 2021. Honduras, just like the rest of Planet Earth is still reeling from the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Although we have somehow survived a government ordered lockdown for several months, the truth is that the economic impact on the country has been huge. The tourism industry is probably the hardest hit. Many hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, and tour operators are now out of business. As a matter of fact, there are still many that may go under before all is said and done.

As we all know, Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the American Continent. This will undoubtedly impact access to the Covid-19 vaccines that are now rolling out in Europe and North America.  The Honduran Social Security has officially gained access to vaccines. Yet, it remains to be seen how soon they get here. Then the process of distributing them will not be easy. In other words, if you can pay for it, you get it, if you cannot, then you will have to wait. My guess is that we will not see the vaccine readily available to Hondurans before the end of 2021 at the earliest.

COVID-19 Related Advice

The good news is that since Honduras is mostly an outdoor travel destination. As such, you should be quite safe to travel here. Regardless,  I would recommend that if planning a visit to Honduras to get the Covid -19 vaccine before your trip. This is our first and upmost Honduras Travel Advisory 2021 tip! It will take time to reach herd immunity in Honduras. Therefore, you should protect yourself before you travel to Honduras, as well as to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. Keep in mind that although you might have a Covid-19 vaccine, most locals will not. Because of this face masks are mandatory in just about any business, including airports, hotels, restaurants, etc. So, make sure you wear a mask while traveling through Honduras.

Perhaps one of the most important Honduras Travel Advisory 2021 recommendations is to make sure you get your COVID 19 PCR test before traveling to Honduras. If you are flying, you will be denied boarding if you do not have it! You will not be able to cross the border into Honduras without it. I expect that as the vaccine becomes more prevalent, a medical certificate confirming that you have received the vaccine will get you in. However, please check with your airline before you take me up on this one!

A third important tip on our updated Honduras Travel Advisory 2021 is make sure that you make reservations before you travel. I do not anticipate full hotels. However, as I already said, many businesses are currently not open. It can break your plans to show up unexpectedly at a hotel and find that it is not in business anymore! Thus advance reservations are fully recommended!

Honduras Travel Advisory 2020
Pristine, uncrowded beaches are to be found in the East End of Roatan Island

Many were concerned that the economic downfall of Covid-19 and the government lockdown would lead to social unrest in Honduras. This fortunately has not been the case! However, many Hondurans have decided to risk it all and travel to the USA in caravans. Thankfully, the social situation within Honduras has not deteriorated. This, I must say is not due to government policy but to the good nature of Honduran people. The government has been successful in distributing food to the neediest. So at least for now, we can say that famine has been averted, especially after the disastrous aftereffects of Tropical Storms ETA and IOTA.

Travel Conditions after Tropical Storms

One thing that is important to state in our Honduras Travel Advisory 2021 is the fact that many highways and bridges were damaged during the rains brought by the storms. Please take note that most cities and destinations in Honduras are up and running and did not suffer significant damage. Most flood related damage took place in rural areas, which are remote and hard to get to as it is. Perhaps the one area that is an extraordinary exception is the Sula Valley. Although San Pedro Sula is up and running, many adjacent areas are still recovering from the damage. The San Pedro Sula airport was under water 4 times in as many weeks. Damage was extensive, and the airport is only reopening to international flights as we speak.

End of the World Resort
Spectacular World Class beach at End of the World Resort in Guanaja

The most popular destinations in Honduras are mostly back up and running. This includes Copan Ruinas, however there are still many hotels that are not yet open. The Copan Archaeological Park is open from Thursday through Sunday, and I would expect it will open daily soon. The Bay Islands of Honduras, which include Roatan, Utila and Guanaja are mostly open for business. Roatan now boasts daily flights with American Airlines. It is easier than ever to fly there! I can say the same for the Cangrejal River Valley in La Ceiba. Most of the diverse hotel selections are back up and running.

As always, an important part of our update to this Honduras Travel Advisory 2021 is to make sure you use your common sense. Do not take risks that you would not take back home. If you are going to do some serious booze ingestion, do so in the safety of your hotel or resort. This beats the risk of going bar hopping. Do not venture far from your tourist destination. If you do so, you will be safe and enjoy the warm Honduran hospitality, great nature, and spectacular beaches. Have a great time during your visit to Honduras!