Honduras Weather

Need Info  on Honduras Weather?

Wondering about Honduras weather? Honduras is located in the tropics and as such, the climate is very much tropical, with warm and humid being the rule. However, you might be surprised to find some chilly evenings in parts of Honduras, due more than anything to the altitude of certain cities.

Cities such as Tegucigalpa, Santa Rosa de Copan, La Esperanza and Siguatepeque are located around the 3000 feet of altitude. This means that temperature can become a bit chilly by tropical standards during the evenings and nights. Of course, when it comes to temperature, the concept of “chilly” can be very relative. So let me explain myself a bit more: chilly to us in Honduras is high fifties to low sixties Fahrenheit. This means that having a sweater or light coat will make you much more comfortable.

Other than the above cities, you will find that the temperature in Honduras is on the warm side. Hot and humid, this makes it feel even warmer! Its hard to determine when the best time of the year to visit Honduras really is.

There are Only Two Weather Seasons in Honduras: Verano and Invierno

As far as the locals go, there are only two seasons in Honduras. Verano, or summer is actually the dry season, and is roughly from December through May. Invierno, or winter, which is the rainy season, that is basically from June through November. Although these seasons are generally true for all of Honduras, they are more significant and predictable in the central, southern, and western Honduras.  The exception to the above is the Caribbean coast of Honduras. There the rainy season is from September through February. This means that the weather in both Atlantida and the Bay Islands of Honduras is generally different to that in the rest of Central America.

The Caribbean coast of Honduras offers something different and unique from the rest of Central America. The vegetation is always green. Even during the driest of months, there is enough humidity in the air so that dew will accumulate overnight on the leaves of all the trees in the tropical jungle and keep them green!

When traveling to Honduras, it is good to be ready for a burst of rain at any time. This is why packing a light poncho in your backpack is always a great idea. Many places end up having water running down the streets and puddles forming everywhere. Because of this, it is always handy to have some flip flops, crocs or teva sandals that you do not mind getting wet. I have learned this hard way by ending up with shoes that simply never dry. They can  end up getting sopping wet day in and day out!

I have found the Weather Underground offers the most reliable forecast for Honduras weather.