The Plight for Clean Roadside Bathrooms in Honduras

Ever Had that Urgent Need for Clean Roadside Bathrooms?

Having been born and brought up in Mexico, I am more than familiar with the plight of finding  clean roadside bathrooms during long trips. Fortunately, being male, the alternative of stopping along the road and running behind a tree to take a pee was always a logical and easy alternative, however the plight can really get rough for females, and of course if you need too poop it becomes a big issue regardless of your gender.

The situation is not only applicable in Mexico, the plight for clean roadside bathrooms in Latin America covers all Spanish and Portuguese speaking America. Honduras of course is no exception. Fortunately, there are a few roadside service stations and businesses in Honduras that allow the use of their facilities to travelers stopping by. While these places are few and spread apart, knowing where they are may save you in times of need! Here is a short list of the places we can recommend:

Tela: Puma Venecia, located on the CA13 highway at approximately km 90. Open from 7 to 7, they facilities are always clean. Convenience store and buffet restaurant. They also serve Expresso Americano coffee. The new Alero´s Texaco Station in Tela offers an ideal setting!

About halfway between Tela and El Progreso. Tio Dolmo offers clean facilities and snacks, buffet food and a convenience store.

El Progreso. Turiplaza located at the entrance to El Progreso as you are driving from Tela towards San Pedro Sula.

Lake Yojoa: Restaurante La Naturaleza, on the roadside. They offer a full service restaurant, a buffet and good clean bathrooms. A great spot to stop and relax along the highway between San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.

Siguatepeque: There are several spots that you can use here, Granja D’Elia and Don Tiki, right on the CA5 highway as you drive through Siguatepeque.

Sula, Santa Barbara If you headed to or from Copan Ruinas, Sula is located at approximately km. 80 outside of San Pedro Sula. Here you will find the Sula Inn hotel and restaurant. They cater to locals, but also to missionary groups and medical brigades. Facilities are clean.

La Entrada. Located at km 104 west of San Pedro Sula on CA7, La Entrada is the town where you take the detour towards Copan Ruinas. The Hotel El San Carlos, almost right at the junction towards Copan Ruinas offers clean bathrooms. They may require that you purchase something at the restaurant to allow use of their toilette’s.

I hope that these selections can “save you” in case of an emergency where you need clean roadside bathrooms!