Roatan Rent a Car Adventure

Ready to Explore Roatan Island?

For my latest trip to Roatan, I rented a vehicle to get around the island. This is usually what I do, as I have found that if I want to explore the island a rent a car is the best alternative. So If you want to have a Roatan Rent a Car Adventure, here are a few tips that will make it better. There are several different Rent a Car agencies in Roatan.

Rent a Car Tips for Roatan

Roatan rent a car
Roatan Rent a Car Adventure begins at the Ferry Terminal

The best two are Econo Rent a Car and Avis Rent a Car. They are the best because they have late model cars that are well maintained. For this trip, I went with Econo Rent a Car. One big advantage is that besides their airport office, they have a booth at the Ferry Terminal. This means a quick and easy process to register for your car and get on your way! Since I was not going to go exploring on the back roads of Roatan, I rented a small sedan. My Hyundai I-10 was a great little car, and I must say, fuel efficient. But if you are planning to explore, and heading to the East End, get a Suzuki Jimmy. You will not need the 4X4, but you will appreciate the extra clearance below you!

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Roatan is a safe destination, so you need not worry about someone stealing the car. Yet I recommend that you get full insurance, you never know if you can have an accident! I used the car to travel between West End and West Bay, as well as Coxen Hole and French Harbour and even went as far as Parrot Tree Plantation.

A Great Place to Explore on the Island

Roatan Rent a Car
Visiting the Blue Harbour Tropical Arboretum

My most adventurous route was off to the Blue Harbour Tropical Arboretum. This is a great destination on the north coast of Roatan in the mid section of the island that I call Mid Roatan. The location is quiet, cool and peaceful. It is a great place for a hike, and one of the best spots on the island for bird watching. It is also close to the West End of Roatan. If you have the time and spirit to go on a full fledged Roatan Rent a Car Adventure, make sure to include the East End. Leave early and spend all day exploring. Plan on having lunch at Paya Bay Resort or at La Sirena at Camp Bay. The Camp Bay Lodge has recently opened its doors and is great day destination as well.

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Make sure you bring some cash with you. This remote part of the island has limited communication facilities. Many establishments do not take credit cards. This is why cash is king on the East End of Roatan.

Beware of False Rent a Car Operations!

If you are already on the island and decide to rent a car, your front desk clerk may offer you a “deal”. The “deal” is about renting a vehicle from a private owner. Take note that these are not official rent a car agencies. In case of an accident, you do not even know if the car has insurance! I suggest you do not rent a car from a local. Both Avis and Econo Rent a Car will charge a small drop off fee and bring your car to your hotel. You will have peace of mind, a good vehicle, and the legal system behind you if you are dealing with a registered rent a car agency.

Have fun exploring Roatan! I hope your Roatan Rent a Car Adventure proves to be a highlight of your trip! Remember to have a designated driver on your trip. The island roads are windy and narrow, and you do not want to be driving with a buzz!