The Tea and Chocolate Place

I had heard about this place and was intrigued. It is new; it was not open last time I was in Copan Ruinas. This is a family endeavor where the Sedat family has put a lot of heart into.  I Happen to have a friendship with David Sedat and his family that goes back a long way. Because of this, I was tempted to call him, get some info, and then write about this place without having visited it. Boy, I am happy I did not! The Tea and Chocolate Place in Copan Ruinas is unique! It is one of those places with a unique sense of place that you must visit. I will try to describe this must visit place in Copan Ruinas.

the Tea and Chocolate Place
Lovely wrap around terrace at the Tea and Chocolate Place.

First of all, it is not a restaurant. Neither is it a coffee shop. For that matter, it is not a tea house either. It is only open from 4 to 6 pm daily. The site is more of an interactive museum than anything else. It is a place to reconnect with nature. Here, you will learn about different tea brews and get a taste of authentic chocolate beverages. The outside wrap around terrace allows for great views and outstanding sunsets.

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the Tea and Chocolate Place
Display of Hot Sauces at the Tea and Chocolate Place in Copan Ruinas

David Sedat and his family have created a small little corner of the world where you can connect with Mother Nature. David is an archaeologist that has lived in Copan for many years. He has a wealth of knowledge about the Maya Culture. Mr. Sedat has a deep passion for nature. His studies have given him an insight about how the Maya interacted with nature. He is also a believer in “miracle” plants, and has been cultivating noni and moringa plants for several years. He offers a unique variety of nature products at the Tea and Chocolate place including the above mentioned.

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The Experience is Ideal for Children

The Tea and Chocolate Place offers ideal conditions for young boys and girls to learn about cacao and teas.  There are many different items you can buy at the site. Many of them are organic teas and seeds. Others are handmade items by descendants of the Maya people.

This is a great place to get your sense of taste reeling with different flavors. From a variety of chile peppers, to different, subtle tea brews to authentic Cacao beverages. You can taste a chocolate brew made with water and chile as the Mayas did in the past. Or you might prefer one made with milk and add sugar for a more traditional chocolate taste.

The visit includes a briefing by Carolina, David Sedat’s daughter, who runs the place and gives it a unique atmosphere. There is no doubt in my mind that one of the top things to do in Copan Ruinas is a visit to the Tea and Chocolate Place. It allows you to see through a mystic window into the ancient Maya Culture. It will also give you a new understanding of Chocolate and how it became so popular with the Europeans.

By the way, the first encounter between the Europeans and Cacao came to be in Honduras! It was during Columbus’ fourth and last voyage while he was at the Island of Guanaja. A magnificent gift to the World by Honduras!