Travel Tips for Post Covid19 Vacations in Honduras

La Cuenca del Rio Cangrejal
Bedroom at La Villa de Soledad

Yes, I know that I am lucky. I live in the lovely Cangrejal River Valley in La Ceiba. My home is also a bed and breakfast nestled between two national parks and next to a fantastic crystal-clear river with great white-water rafting. So, I will not complain too much about the two plus month-long lock down we have been in, other than for the lack of business. As restrictions lift, experts predict that most travel will be done within national borders, and so if you live in Honduras, you will need to find the perfect spot to get away and relax. Therefore, I am putting together the following tips for post Covid19 Vacations in Honduras.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1″ border_width=”1″]

Top Travel Tips when Planning your First Post Covod19 Vacations in Honduras

paradise in Honduras
The Cangrejal River Valley is Paradise in Honduras! Photo by Luis Aguero

We are all aware that social distancing will continue to be a priority for some time to come. Because of this, we need to plan our next vacation in an area where this is possible. Visiting a large resort full of guests does not make social distancing practical or even possible. The trends seem to point towards smaller hotels, where fewer travelers will be around to interact with.  This is without doubt one of the top travel tips for post Covid19 vacations in Honduras, or anywhere else for that matter! Prefer smaller properties over larger ones. You will also find that you get a more personal service in the small hotels.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1″ border_width=”1″]

A second trend that seems to be important is to seek a rural or natural setting rather than a city. Population density is larger in a city. Thus, social distancing will be more complicated within one. In the rural or nature related destinations, it is easier to do so. These are the two biggest tips I can give to you when planning for your first post Covid19 Vacations in Honduras.

post Covid19 Vacations in Honduras
Spectacular beach at Camp Bay in Roatan´s East End

Most of you may think that the best alternatives will be found in the Bay Islands of Honduras. While this is partially true, and the Bay Islands have been declared Covid19 free, there is one caveat. It´s not really business as usual until the ferry service and airport terminal reopen. In the meantime, you cannot travel to anyone of the three Bay Islands of Honduras that have travel facilities! There is no doubt that there are some great alternatives for post Covid19 Vacations in Honduras within the Bay Islands. All three islands offer interesting settings that are ideal for such a vacation.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1″ border_width=”1″]

Ideas for Post Covid19 Vacations in Roatan

In Roatan, I would seek out properties in the East End of the Island. These are far from each other and offer a natural setting that limits your need for conscious social distancing. There are simply not many people in the area. Two perfect examples of such places are Camp Bay Lodge and Paya Bay Resort. Another great area, with nice beaches and small resorts can be found in Sandy Bay. There is even a selection of charming boutique properties on the beach that are isolated between each other.

top 10 lodges in Honduras
The Ibagari Boutique Hotel in West Bay, Roatan

Without doubt, West End and West Bay are the most popular areas within the island of Roatan. Although for the time being there are no cruise ships calling port, this area will still be the most visited area of the island because of its beach. If you have your heart set on West Bay, I suggest looking for small isolated resorts, such as Ixbalanque and Ibagari, who share a small secluded beach next to West Bay. These boutique properties are ideal to enjoy a relaxing setting without the need to worry about social distancing. Service is outstanding and the public areas are generous for the small room density within the properties.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1″ border_width=”1″]

Guanaja Island, the Perfect Island Escape for a Post Covid19 Getaway

Bay Islands of Honduras Covid-19 Free
No need to worry about social distancing while enjoying the beaches in Guanaja°

Without doubt, the Guanaja Island is the best option within the Bay Islands for an idyllic post Covid19 vacation. The island is the most remote, and less visited within the archipelago. It offers spectacular beaches that are far away from the local communities and the resorts are spread out far from each other. By far the best travel tip for post Covid19 vacations in Honduras as far as the Bay Islands is concerned is to visit Guanaja! One of my favorite spots there is the End of the World Resort, but you have many other great hotels in Guanaja to choose from.

The Cangrejal River Valley

The Cangrejal River Valley in La Ceiba
An Aerial View of the Cangrejal River Valley Valley. Photo by Luis Aguero

Because of the current difficulty of getting to the Bay Islands, you may be in search of travel tips for post Covid19 Vacations in Honduras’ mainland. By far, the best option is the Cangrejal River Valley. This area offers access to a magnificent river, plus trails into two different National Parks.  Looking for adventure? You can do some white-water rafting, rappelling or enjoy a zip line canopy tour in the area. There are over 10 different Cangrejal River Hotels to choose from. Best of all, it is extremely easy to get to the area, as it is just a few minutes from La Ceiba in a good al weather dirt road. All hotels in the area are under the forest canopy and therefore do not need air conditioning. This is what is recommended by experts when they talk about post Covid19 travel: avoid air-conditioning![themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1″ border_width=”1″]

the adventure and nature hotspot in Honduras
White Water Rafting in the Cangrejal River near La Ceiba, Honduras.

The best thing about the Cangrejal River Valley is that it is extremely near to many other great nature attractions in Atlantida. The Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge, and the Cacao Lagoon are less than an hour away. Both are great destinations with few visitors, ideal for enjoying nature and not having to worry about social distancing. Near the Garifuna Community at Sambo Creek you will find the Sambo Creek hot springs. They  are hidden under the forest canopy of Nombre de Dios National Park. There is one word of warning though. You may fall in love with the Cangrejal River Valley and want to come back time after time. The area is breathtaking, peaceful, safe, and quiet![themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1″ border_width=”1″]

The Paraiso Rainforest Beach Resort and Rawakala Park in Omoa

El Paraiso Hotel in Omoa
Spectacular view from the Infinity pool at El Paraiso Rainforest and Beach Hotel in Omoa

If you are near or around San Pedro Sula, a perfect getaway for post Covid19 vacation in Honduras is the Paraiso Rainforest Hotel. It is a few kilometers past Omoa on the main highway to the El Corinto Border with Guatemala. The public areas are open and cool thanks to the trade winds coming off the Caribbean. Although the beach is small, you can always get on a sit on top kayak and explore the nearby mangrove forests. You will not need to worry about social distancing here! The hotel is within the tiny beachside community of El Paraiso, but you will not even realize you are near it once in the property.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1″ border_width=”1″]

Paraiso Hotel in Omoa
Spectacular setting at Rawacala Eco Park at Paraiso Hotel in Omoa

On the opposite side of the CA13 highway you will find their magnificent Rawakala Nature Park. Rawakala offers trails, some great swimming holes, and spectacular waterfalls. The setting could not be better to enjoy nature, explore and admire the variety of bird species that call this natural park their home. Best of all is the fact that you are within one hour of San Pedro Sula! Really easy to come and go. Service and attention at Paraiso Beach and Rainforest hotel is top on the line.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1″ border_width=”1″]

Los Olingos Lodge at Los Micos Lagoon

Tela Hotels
Tela’s Eco Resort destination

Los Micos Lagoon is part of the Jeannette Kawas National Park. This is the largest lagoon in Atlantida and offers spectacular fishing and kayaking. Hidden far from the crowds, you will find Los Olingos Lodge. It is right on the shores of the Los Micos Lagoon. Lovely renovated homes that were once part of the United Fruit Company offer spacious comfort. You will love the open terraces looking out over the lagoon. The extensive grounds are impeccably manicured. However, you will find yourself having trouble deciding on which hammock is the best for you. Relax, enjoy the sunset, try your luck at fishing or hike the trails for some world class birding. The property has a full service restaurant, but the homes also have kitchen facilities. This allows you to stay in your room, away from the the staff if this is what you prefer.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1″ border_width=”1″]

Lake Yojoa

Lake Yojoa
Panoramic View of Lake Yojoa.

The largest natural lake in Honduras, Lake Yojoa is easy to get to from both, San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa. It is a popular destination and has many different hotels and restaurants. Some of these hotels are rather large, and you may have trouble with social distancing while staying there. However there are many smaller properties that are perfect for post Covid19 Vacations in Honduras. I suggest you take a look at our list of hotels in Lake Yojoa and find one that fits your needs.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1″ border_width=”1″]

That Magical Town of Copan Ruinas

Copan Ruinas Restaurants
Magical setting at San Lucas

Copan Ruinas is a small, town, but you may think it is a bit big for proper social distancing. Although this might be the case in town itself, the Copan Ruinas Archaeological Park offers the perfect setting for a nature filled, cultural social distancing getaway. In addition to the magnificent Macaws flying around the archaeological park, you can visit the bird park. The Macaw Mountain Bird Park is a spacious open area where local birds thrive. They also run what is probably the most successful macaw breeding program in the World! You can spend the better part of a day between these two magnificent areas within Copan Ruinas and not come close to other persons visiting the area. For lodging, I can think of two great places to stay in that offer spacious areas within nature. Of course, Hacienda San Lucas is one of these places.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1″ border_width=”1″]

Copan Honduras
Enjoying the Sunset from Hacienda San Lucas in Copan Ruinas

Hacienda San Lucas offers a unique sense of place that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere. A century old rural building with modern spacious rooms is a perfect getaway. I can’t think of a better place to enjoy a post Covid19 vacation in Honduras in Copan Ruinas. Relax and enjoy the sunset over the village or view the thick jungle surrounding the Copan Ruinas Archaeological Park. All, while you sip a glass of your favorite wine. Who knows, you may even enjoy the surprise visit of a Scarlet Macaw![themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1″ border_width=”1″]

A second alternative to stay in the area is the Hacienda El Jaral hotel complex. It is only a few kilometers before Copan Ruinas. These are two great alternatives to enjoy Copan while complying with the social distancing we will require to live with for the next couple of years.

The Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve

the Mosquito Coast
Navigating down the Rio Platano in the heart of the Biosphere Reserve

If you are serious about social distancing, and need to be in touch with nature, there is no better place than the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve. This is one of the World Heritage sites in Honduras. It is remote, pristine, and rough. Your chances of running into a Jaguar are higher than finding humans in the area. La Moskitia Ecoaventuras, a local tour operator has its home base in La Ceiba. They specialize in outstanding, multiday expeditions, which tend to be between 8 and 10 days long. Jorge Salaverri, the owner, has been offering this service for over 20 years. He is the expert in the area and his knowledge makes a difference when visiting La Moskitia.[themify_hr color=”light-gray” width=”1″ border_width=”1″]

Tours usually depart from Tegucigalpa, overnight in Catacamas and then, after a hike to the headwaters of the Rio Platano River you will arrive at this beautiful river. The area is the largest tropical rain forest in North America and considered a little amazon. From there, you will navigate down the river in inflatable rafts, camping on the riverbanks overnight. This is a once in a lifetime trip that is well worth your time. If you have been looking for an excuse for such an adventure, perhaps a post Covid19 Vacation is the perfect excuse!

There are many other small hotels that are near or within National Parks. The area high in the plateaus above La Esperanza also has some lovely little hotels. Many are nestled in the forests with rural surroundings. You will have no trouble finding grand small hotels in unique areas where you can enjoy your first post Covid19 Vacations in Honduras. Just remember that you are part of the solution. When traveling, ensure social distancing, wear a mask in public and wash your hands often. Please do not forget to pack your common sense when you go on vacation! I do hope this post has helped you dream about your first post Covid19 vacation in Honduras and given you insights to make all the proper decisions for a perfect getaway!