Lake Yojoa Hotels

Looking for the Best Lake Yojoa Hotels for You?

Over the years, more hotels have opened their doors in Lake Yojoa. You can choose between many different Lake Yojoa Hotels and find the perfect one for you. Following is a comprehensive list of Lake Yojoa Hotels to help you choose the one for you.

D&D Brewery Lodge

Lake Yojoa Hotels
One of the cabins at D&D Brewery and Lodge

This unique lodge is the community of Los Naranjos, just outside the town of Pena Blanca. The site itself might seem awkward, as it is not on the lake, nor in the archeological park. Heck, its really in a tiny little village! This is however the most popular site for travelers. They offer a variety of different rooms, from really nice private cabins to dorm rooms. The staff is extremely friendly, fully bilingual and they offer a great selection of local tours to choose from. The property also has a pool, and a full service restaurant and bar, where you try the beer that they brew on site!

Yes D&D is also a beer microbrewery, the first of its kind in Honduras. As it turns out, the location is great too! You can actually hike to the Los Naranjos site and the lake. The owner, Bobby, is a friendly chap that can give you loads of tips of the lake area as well as other areas in Honduras. one of their popular tours it to Pulhapanzak Waterfalls.

Bioparque Paradise

Lake Yojoa Hotels
Family cabins at Bioparque paradise can accommodate 8 to 10 persons.

A unique coffee farm that also produces export quality tropical flowers. It is located very close to D&D Brewery. They have a network of trails that is now over 5 km long. Bioparque Paradise has the best camping facilities on the lake. They also have two different types of accommodations. Small basic rooms with their private bath, and some very nice large cabins, ideal for groups or large families. If you are looking for a quiet spot within a private nature reserve, this is your best option in the Lake Yojoa area. Don Miguel Lopez Bendeck, the owner is a great host and will take good care of you!

Finca Las Glorias.

Lake Yojoa Hotels
Lakefront View of Finca Las Glorias. Right on the lake!

One of the larger hotels in town. Finca Las Glorias is located right on the lake shores, within a beautiful, well kept coffee finca. It offers a chance to learn about coffee, as well as for good bird watching., since the coffee farm specializes in shade grown coffee. This is a very popular location for locals on weekends, and can be noisy with erratic service on these days. Much quieter during weekdays. Rooms are basic, but comfortable. They have a pool and a full service restaurant and bar.

Brisas del Lago

Lake Yojoa Hotels
View of the pool and grounds at Brisas del Lago

This is the largest hotel in the area, and has an outdated architecture. A huge restaurant with a window panel looks out to the lake. Although not on the lake, the property does have some lakeside facilities for those that want to get close to the lake. Brisas del Lago offers a large pool, as well as a full service restaurant and bar. Although the grounds are extensive, it is not integrated to the natural surroundings.

El Estoraque

Lake Yojoa Hotels
El Estoraque Cabins at Lake Yojoa offer a nice relaxed setting.

A small restaurant with some really nice cabins. El Estoraque is in a rather discreet spot, with a small sign showing the entrance, almost across the road from the Brisas del Lago Hotel. El Estoraque has some free standing wood cabins that are cozy and blend into the location perfectly. This is a pleasant, family run business that offers comfortable, quiet quarters. Facilities include a full service restaurant and bar that is open daily from 9:00 a.m.till 9:00 p.m.

Agua Azul

This is the quintessential Lake Yojoa hotel. The only problem is that it is currently closed. I list it because you will see it listed in other travel blogs and wonder why I do not talk about it. Although old and somewhat run down, it was always a favorite. A feud between different families that inherited the property has shut it down for at least a couple of years now. So do not plan or expect to stay in it during your next trip!

El Cortijo del Lago.

Lake Yojoa Hotels
Nice rustic cabin at El Cortijo del Lago

Hidden in one of the nicest corners on the shores of Lake Yojoa, El Cortijo del Lago could be the nicest place on the lake. This is the retirement dream of a North American gentleman, Mr. John. He and his family live on premises and work hard to make you feel comfortable and at home during your stay. El Cortijo offers several different rooms and cabins, as well as a restaurant for their guests. Easy lake access is available within the premises. The property has a lot of charm. They serve home cooked meals and offers some of the best coffee you will find in the Lake Yojoa area.

Panacam Lodge

Lake Yojoa Hotels
Panacam Lodge offers a great eco lodge setting within Azul Meambar Park

The one and only true ecolodge in the Lake Yojoa area. Panacam Lodge offers a variety of nice rooms in a unique location up on the Cerro Azul Meambar National Park. To get there, take a 7 km detour from La Guama following a well marked route. The facilities include a network of trails, bird watching observation outposts, a restaurant and bar, as well as comfortable rooms within cabins and bungalows. This is the best option for an eco tourism experience in the Lake Yojoa area. They even have a meeting room on premises. Believe it or not, wifi is available in this remote location!

Casa Lenca.

Lake Yojoa Hotels
Cabins around the pool at Casa Lenca Hotel

A new, very nice set of rooms and restaurant that offer first class service, comfortable rooms, a nice pool and a great restaurant. They have a magnificent lookout spot on the hill, just above the rooms where you can relax and watch the sunset over Lake Yojoa.  Casa Lenca is rather un-conspicuous from the roadside, but don’t let that fool you, it is a charming spot build with great taste in a fantastic location. Certainly a great hideout in the Lake Yojoa area!

Turicentro La Colina.

Lake Yojoa Hotels
Pool area at Turicentro La Colina.

Teetering on the hill side, and offering the best views of the lake, The Turicentro La Colina has a total of 9 rooms. Rooms have a great view, as well as air-conditioning, private bath, and all you would expect. The tourism complex has a nice pool area and a restaurant and bar, however they are only open from 6:30 a.m. to 6:40 p.m. which means you will need to have an early dinner. The property is owned by the same gentleman that owns the Rancho Bellavista Restaurant just below the hill, facing the lake.

Honduyate / Posada del Lago

lake Yojoa hotels
Roomss at Honduyate are fully equiped and very clean

A really nice lakeside property offering a variety of rooms, a great restaurant and pool, as well as meeting facilities. This property is owned by Richard, a Brit, and his wife, Liliana, and they offer some of the best hospitality in the area. They also have the most complete marina facility in the lake, with ramps to but your boats or toys into the water, sailboats for rent and even some old ferry boats that can give you a tour of the lake. This is one of my personal favorite spots in the lake! The property includes a small hill next to the hotel with a trail and great views of the lake. Honduyate has some of the best rooms in the Lake Yojoa area.

Turicentro La Naturaleza

Lake Yojoa Hotels
View from front porch at Hotel La Naturaleza in Lake Yojoa

This large complex, which includes a restaurant with buffet food service, a large pool, a small museum and now some nice rooms. La Naturaleza hotel offers rooms that are relatively new, so many people have never seen them or heard about them. The business is run by an NGO, Aldeas Globales, that works closely with communities around the park and co-manages Panacam Park. Therefore, by staying in the property, you are effectively helping the local communities and the maintenance of the parks trails and facilities.

Hotel Los Arcos

One of the oldest properties on the lake. Although somewhat rundown, it still has a magnificent porch overlooking towards the lake that offers a great view of the sunsets over the lake. This is the first hotel you will come up to in you are traveling from Tegucigalpa towards Lake Yojoa.

Hotel Colonial

lake Yojoa Hotels
Pool at Hotel Colonial in Lale Yojoa.

A small family run hotel located in the El Jaral Village, next to the access to Los Naranjos Archaeological Park. The location is quiet and ideal if you want to visit this park. Access is easy, as it is only 2 km. from the main road between Las Guamas and Pena Blanca. The Hotel Colonial offers a nice pool, and rooms have air conditioning and hot water.