Air Europa Nonstop flight from Madrid to San Pedro Sula

Air Europa nonstop flight from Madrid to San Pedro Sula
Water canons welcome Air Europa flight to San Pedro Sula

The Spanish airline, Air Europa, had its inaugural flight from Madrid to San Pedro Sula this past Thursday April 27. The airline has begun the scheduled service with a once a week frequency. We believe that the frequency will soon increase to two or three flights a week. The CEO of Air Europa announced that the first 5 flights already have an average of 80% occupancy booked.

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The Air Europa Flight is the First Trans-Atlantic Flight to Honduras!

This is the first time that nonstop service is available between Honduras and the Europe.  The Honduras government shares the financial risk of the new route with the airline. It seems like it a risk that was worth taking.  The incoming flight scheduled arrival time is 5:30 a.m. The departure time from San Pedro Sula to Madrid is at 8:30 a.m.  Air Europa is using an Airbus A330 wide body jetliner for the 12 hour flight.

Air Europa nonstop flight from Madrid to San Pedro Sula
Press conference by President Hernandez at San Pedro Sula International Airport

President Hernandez was at the San Pedro Sula airport to greet the flight. His excitement over this historic event was clearly visible. “This flight opens Honduras to the European Market for the first time” he said. “We are sure the flight will be a total success”. “Today, 29 travelers bound to the Copan Ruinas Archaeological site have arrived on this flight”. “Many others will visit the Bay Islands, Tela and La Ceiba”.

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The first incoming flight carried a total of 186 passengers. The first departing flight had a total of 282 passengers. Best of all are the affordable rates that Air Europa is offering on this flight. You can buy the tickets for as little as $750 USA dollars round trip! This means that Honduras is now an accessible destination for flights from Europe. Air Europa offers outstanding connections throughout Europe from the Madrid hub. This first nonstop flight from Madrid to San Pedro Sula opens a new door for the development of tourism in Honduras.

Congratulations to the Honduras Institute of Honduras! welcomes the Air Europa nonstop flight from Madrid to San Pedro Sula. We congratulate the government of President Hernandez and the executive director of the Honduras Institute of Tourism for this important event. Specific actions like this one open up the Honduran travel market for development. Employment and the influx of hard currency into the Honduran economy will provide development for years to come!