Copan Prize 2019

The Copan Prize is the most significant award for the tourism industry in Honduras. The prize is given once a year in during a gala dinner. The President himself attends the gala as an acknowledgement of the efforts by entrepreneurs to promote tourism in Honduras. Usually, the different tourism related associations, as well as the local chambers of tourism in Honduras nominate candidates for the prize. However, any person involved in tourism in Honduras can nominate a candidate if she can provide solid arguments to back the nomination up.

Then a committee that includes members of the Honduras Institute of Tourism and the National Chamber of Tourism in Honduras gets together to evaluate the candidates. Price Waterhouse Coopers of Honduras audits the process. Finalists meet at the gala dinner where the winners receive the prize.  The prize committee consists of three individuals of the private sector and three from the public sector. Individually, they value specific aspects of the project or candidate. These include trajectory, investment, which can be monetary, or a continuous dedication to their project. Involving local communities as well as the environmental sustainability are other important factors to consider.

Copan Prize 2019: one Award two Different Categories

The Copan Prize 2019 winners were announced last Thursday, November 21 at the Honduras Maya Convention Center in Tegucigalpa. Representing President Hernandez was the new minister of tourism, Nicole Marrder. This year, both prizes, the individual and the entrepreneurial went to Copan Ruinas. Dr. William Fash of Harvard University got the award the individual category. His 30 years plus conducting archaeological studies in Copan Ruinas earned him the recognition.

The entrepreneurial prize went to the Welchez Villamil Family for their new investment in the Marina Copan Convention Center. This facility is already reaping benefits for the different businesses in Copan. You see, when there is a convention or big event taking place here, all the hotels in Copan Ruinas are full. The same happens with the restaurants, bars and tour operators in the area. A special congratulations to both, Dr. Fash and to the Welchez Villamil family for their efforts to provide more and more services to travelers coming to Copan Ruinas.