COVID -19 Honduras Update

Here is our  COVID -19 Honduras Update. The last week has been rather hectic to say the least. And Honduras has been no exception. I left the country for a quick trip to visit family in Mexico City. Now I cannot go back home because the Government of Honduras has closed its borders. Talk about a hassle! But at the same time, thousands of tourists in Honduras have suddenly found that they are stuck inside the country and cannot depart. This because the many airlines that have service to Honduras have cancelled their flights. Although I am out of the country, I am part of the travel industry within Honduras. As such, I have been swamped with information regarding what is going on and the efforts to take care of the travelers within Honduras at this time.

The current status as of last night, Monday, March 16, 2020 is the following. There is a total lockdown in three cities in Honduras. This means that there is a curfew in effect that started at 10 pm Honduras time and will be in effect until further notice. All businesses and services are not open. Of course, Hotels with guests within them are open and serving their guests. The cities are Tegucigalpa, including Comayaguela, La Ceiba and Choluteca. The rest of the country has limitations, but there is only a nighttime curfew in place. As I am writing COVID -19 Honduras Update, there are a total of 8 cases reported in Honduras. The best source of official information regarding the situation is through the official Honduras Covid site. another source of information is the official COVID 19 twitter feed: @saludhn.

The government is applying a lockdown to stop the virus before the situation gets out of hand. I am happy to inform that they are putting a plan in place to help get foreign travelers in Honduras back home. The Ministry of Tourism, and the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Honduras have requested all hotels information about their foreign guests. This includes name, nationality,  passport numbers and departure dates. If you are traveling on your own, visiting friends or staying at an Airbnb, your info is not there!  They have set up a google form that you can fill out. Regardless of whether your hotel has sent this info, you should probably fill out the form anyway. Find it at: Go ahead and fill it out! They will share this information is with the different foreign embassies and consulates in Honduras.

I will continue to add to this post as things change, and hope that this COVID -19 Honduras Update is useful!