Fish Rain in Yoro

Truth or Myth?

One of the most famous myths about unique natural events in Honduras is the “Fish Rain in Yoro”.  Known as “La Lluvia de Peces”, this is a myth that many in Honduras believe in.  Regardless of whether this is truth of myth, everybody in Honduras has heard about it and considers this true.  So, you will ask, what does this consist in? Where does in happen?

Where does the Fish Rain Take Place?

Rain of Fish
The Rain Of Fish in Yoro is part of the local folklore.

This all takes place in Yoro. This is one of the 18 departments of Honduras. It is in the Central Highlands, tucked between Atlantida, Cortes, Comayagua, Olancho, Colon and Francisco Morazan. The mountains around Yoro are usually pine clad. There are many different fertile valleys in the area. Many refer to Yoro as the grain producing region in Honduras. There are several small, colonial towns in Yoro. Most of them have beautiful catholic churches that are centuries old. I have visited the ones in Luquigue, Yorito, Sulaco, Jocon and of course Yoro, the department capital.[themify_hr width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

When Does the Fish Rain in Yoro Happen?

The Fish Rain in Yoro takes place once a year, sometime between May and July, during the rainy season. The time is variable, and thus, you cannot plan to go to Yoro and experience this myth, unless you have a couple of months to sit and wait for it. To my knowledge it has not happened in 2017, so it’s a good time to visit! Who knows perhaps you can experience this unique natural event in Honduras!  Reputedly, after a strong thunderstorm with heavy rain,  creeks rise, jump their banks and soak the land. After the storm there are fish all around! People walk outdoors with a bucket and pick the fish off the ground. The fish are still alive, and although small, they are big enough to eat.

Of course, there are no photographs of fish actually raining from the sky. But there are many different photographs of fish on the ground. Also, I must say that from what I have investigated, this does not happen in the city, but rather in rural areas. There are many different hypotheses of what actually happens and why the fish appear on the ground. They range from a tornado bringing fish in from the sea to flash floods in the creeks that spread the fish overland.  Some of these theories seem farfetched to me. But the bottom line is that there are photographs of people collecting fish off the land.

Yoro is Authentic Rural Honduras

Rain of Fish in Yoro Honduras
A rendering of the rain of fish by artist Laura Blaker

This is one of the famous myths about unique natural events in Honduras. Regardless whether you can experience the Yoro Rain of Fish event, Yoro is a beautiful seldom visited region of Honduras. Accommodations in Yoro are basic.  Yet the chance to get a hands on knowledge about rural Honduras, its myths and customs and friendly people is outstanding. For a look into the authentic Honduras countryside, consider a visit to Yoro.

The Fish Rain of Yoro myth has inspired many artists over the years. Honduran artist Guillermo Mahchi has made numerous paintings depicting this natural event. Artist Laura Blaker offers us her interpretation of this unique event in her painting titled Lluvia de Peces.[themify_hr width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]