Las Chimeneas Gigantes de Trinidad

The Giant Furnaces of Trinidad, Santa Barbara, Honduras

Chimeneas Gigantes de Trinidad
Photo courtesy of Edwin Meza.

A unique tradition has blossomed into a great event in Trinidad, Santa Barbara. This city is in the department of Santa Barbara, to the west of San Pedro Sula. The is part of the traditional town fair, which celebrates the Conception of the Virgin Mary. The date takes place around the 8th of December. This is when the Catholic Church commemorates the Immaculate Conception of Mary.

Back in 2001, a local theater group conceived this event. It is meant to symbolize Conception of Mary, Mother of Jesus. The burning of the furnaces represents the Holy Spirit protecting Jesus, the Baby from the evil forces of Herod. Every year, the effigies have a different theme. This can be cultural, natural or religious. The event under the auspices of the Grupo Teatral La Siembra. This is a grass roots organization from Trinidad, Santa Barbara.

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Chimeneas Gigantes de Trinidad, Santa Barbara
Photo Courtesy of Edwin Meza

This year, the event will take place on Saturday, December 10th in Trinidad. They make the huge furnaces out of wood, paper, and other combustible materials. They can be up to 12 feet tall. The furnaces take part in a parade through town so that everyone can admire them.

A lot of effort goes into creating them. Local groups compete to see who makes the most original and beautiful sculpture. The event finalizes when the sculptures are set on fire, and blaze on the streets of Trinidad.

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Where to Stay When you Go to See the Chimeneas Gigantes de Trinidad

Chimeneas Gigantes de Trinidad
Giant Furnace Trinidad de Santa Barbara, Dec 2016. Photo by Edwin Meza

Trinidad is about 50 km west of San Pedro Sula. This means that you can visit the town for the day and drive back. You can also take advantage and go to the city of Santa Barbara. There you can find a variety of hotels where you can stay. Finally, there are several small hotels in Trinidad.  By far, the nicest is Estancia El Pedregal.

This hotel is outside of town, in a rural area. The property is very nice, and gives you the opportunity to learn about life in a farm in rural Honduras. The hotel is a great destination throughout the year. So even If you are not in the area to experience the fair and the Chimeneas Gigantes de Trinidad, you can enjoy the different activities.

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The town of Trinidad is a charming little city that is typical of rural Honduras. It has a nice colonial church, cobble stoned streets and friendly people. The area is affluent because coffee has become an important product throughout the years. Come and discover Santa  Barbara in Western Honduras.