Hollywood Actor Danny Glover Visits Honduras!

From time to time, Honduras gets a visit from an outstanding Hollywood Actor. A few years ago, it was Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones who came to La Ceiba and spent a few days at the Lodge at Pico Bonito. They also love visiting Roatan and have been there several times. Usually these celebrities try to be as low key as possible when visiting a foreign country. This is not the case with Hollywood Actor Danny Glover! He has been very public during this trip.

Danny Glover visits Honduras
Local anchorwoman, Yasmira Locandro interviews Danny Glover in La Ceiba

So what motivated Hollywood Actor Danny Glover to visit Honduras? Danny was here to provide moral support to the newly elected mayor of La Ceiba: Dr. Jerry Sabio. Dr. Sabio was sworn in as mayor of La Ceiba on Thursday, January 15th. Dr. Sabio is the first African American to occupy this position. He is a proud member of the Garifuna community in La Ceiba. All in La Ceiba wish him much luck and success in his new challenge as the City Mayor.

Although Danny Glover first arrived in Honduras through Tegucigalpa, he spent most of his visit in La Ceiba. Danny was impressed with the friendliness expressed by the “Ceibenos”. He was also surprised to find so many different things to do in La Ceiba. I believe he must already be planning his next trip to allow more time during his visit.[themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]

Danny Glover Visits Chamorro’s Restaurant in Corozal

Danny Glover visits Honduras
Danny Glover Visits Chamorro’s Restaurant in Corozal.

In la Ceiba, he sat next to the new mayor at the La Ceiba Stadium for the inaugural ceremony. Danny Glover visited the different attractions within the city. He even went to the Garifuna town of Corozal. The town is holding its carnival this weekend, making it especially attractive to visit. There, he had a chance to visit and dine at Chamorro’s restaurant, one of the best in La Ceiba. Chamorro’s is on the beach and specializes in seafood and Garifuna cuisine.

Throughout his visit to La Ceiba, Danny Glover felt both, safe and welcome. There is no doubt that La Ceiba is one of the safest destinations in Honduras. You should come and visit. Especially the Cangrejal River Valley, although I must warn you: there is a chance you will not want to leave! One thing is for sure. If La Ceiba was good enough for Danny Glover, is will be good enough for you too! After his visit in La Ceiba, Danny Glover spent a few days in Roatan. [themify_hr border_width=”1″ width=”1″ color=”light-gray”]