San Pedro Sula is Central America’s Smart City!

The Municipality of San Pedro Sula is following a quest to become a Smart City. I must say that they are well on their way to become one. As a matter of fact, they already are the Smart City of Honduras. It is even possible that San Pedro Sula is Central America’s smart city already! Today I drove into the city to take care of a couple of business appointments. I also had to do some shopping. Turns out that I ended up with some free time in between my appointments. So, I made a couple of calls to find out where to go and have wifi to work on some projects. He directed me to Altara Shopping Mall and Business Center.

This modern shopping mall us part of a huge complex. It is next to a series of office buildings and to one of the best universities in Honduras. At the mall, there is a spacious food court that has many tables with electric outlets, that will allow you charge your computer or smartphone. Of course, there is also a fast, broad band internet service that allows you to cruise the net. It was really fast despite the fact that there were many of us on it!

I walked in to find that most of the tables with outlets were busy. Most of them with young men and women who are evidently students at the Unitec University in San Pedro Sula. There were also some business men and women, like me taking advantage of the facilities here. In addition to the food court, there are several good restaurants on the first floor of the mall. This means that you can come here, get some work done, and have a lunch meeting in the same building.

The atmosphere at Altara Business was very safe. This is a modern well-connected facility that will make you feel at home. It is in a different universe to that the press presents as the “Murder Capital of the World”. This is the real Honduras, where hard working people pitch in to make this country a better place to live in. If you have some free time in Honduras and need to hook up to fast internet, swing by the Altara Business Center and Mall. You will be happy that you did! You will also see that San Pedro Sula is Central America’s Smart City!