Does Honduras Receive Distinguished Travelers?

Most people do not know were Honduras is. Many don’t even know the country exists. So you may think that distinguished travelers have never visited Honduras. How wrong you are! Since we have limited history of Honduras prior to the arrival of Europeans to America, I will limit myself to list a few of the most distinguished travelers to Honduras since the XVIth Century. Without doubt, Christopher Columbus was the first of many distinguished travelers to Honduras. He arrived at the lovely Bay of Trujillo back in 1502, during his fourth and final voyage. It is interesting to note that Honduras was the first documented visit of a European to Continental America!

A few decades after Columbus´ visit to America, Honduras had another distinguished visitor. Hernan Cortes, the conqueror of Mexico set out on a quest to reach Honduras. He traveled overland through Mexico and Guatemala. Talk about a serious trek!  Another famous visitor who roughed it out when visiting Honduras in the first half of the nineteenth century was John Lloyd Stephens and his British companion, Stephen Catherwood. They were some of the first explorers to Copan Ruinas and put it on the map more than a century and half later.

But of course, you are probably more interested in more contemporary visitors. Early last year, Danny Glover, one of Hollywood’s most outstanding African American actors was in La Ceiba. He came to the inaugural event for the new City Mayor, Jerry Sabio. Other regular visitors to Honduras include Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones. They have been to Pico Bonito and La Ceiba.

Perhaps the most destination that attracts more distinguished visitors in Honduras is Copan Ruinas. My wife, Soledad is from there and she was a waiter at the Hotel Marina Copan. During her days working at than hotel she got to meet many distinguished travelers. The one she remembers more fondly is John Kennedy Jr. He visited the archaeological site and spent several days in Copan Ruinas.

As you can see, there are many distinguished visitors that travel to Honduras. They all enjoy their visits here and many have become return travelers, coming back to enjoy the hospitality of Honduras. We all are hoping that you, our reader, will be coming to visit and become one of our distinguished travelers in Honduras. We are all looking forward to greeting you and showing you our lovely country.

Roatan, Honduras also receives many distinguished guests on a regular basis. The reason they do come to Honduras is because Honduras is a safe destination to visit. Most of them visit the most safe destinations in Honduras, however others go to the large cities, such as San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.

So the answer to the question: Does Honduras receive distinguished visitors? The answer is a categorical yes! We have had many distinguished visitors throughout the years. Many become so fascinated by Honduras’ beauty and hospitality that they return again and again! Most love the fact that Honduras is still off the beaten track and that it is possible to experience an Authentic Honduran Experience without having many other travelers competing for such.

So if my advise is of any use, hurry and plan your visit to Honduras. The sooner the better! Discover it before the hordes of tourists that visit destinations in Mexico and Costa Rica.