Honduras’ Fireworks Passion

Many cultures have a unique attraction for fireworks. We all love going to Disney and watching the magnificent fireworks display at the end of the evening. This is even a reason to stay longer in the park just to get to see the show! Honduras’ firework passion is alive and well, and can be most appreciated at the end of the year.

Ti’s that time of the year…

For most Hondurans, Christmas or New Years Eve without firecrackers and fireworks is like no celebration at all. Family members of all ages join in the fun, blow up a huge amount of powder and have a thrill doing it. Honduras’ fireworks passion has a steep price to pay. Every year, many children are burnt; some even lose a finger or even a hand! This happens due to the lack of supervision. Often, parents are busy getting drunk and forget to keep an eye on the kids.

The fact is that the louder the boom, the merrier the people. And louder explosions mean more powder. More powder equals more risk. Because of this, many city halls have prohibited the sale of fireworks. Of course, with a high demand, many small business people smuggle them into the city and sell them anyway.

Where to buy local fireworks…

Honduras fireworks
A selection of Honduras fireworks at a road side stall

Since each city town hall determines if it is legal or not to sell fireworks, some cities and towns actually sell them. Many Hondurans will travel a few miles out of town to the next city to buy fireworks. This activity creates an important source of employment for the community. Because of this, the city approves of the activity. During the months of November and December, you will see a variety of road side businesses pop up.

These only operate for a couple of months, yet sell many different fireworks. They become an important source to feed Honduras’ fireworks passion during the Christmas and New Year Holidays.

If you happen to be in Honduras for either holiday, and become aware of a serious popping scandal going on outside, do not fear! This is not a revolution, much less a gun fight between cops and bad guys. It just happens to be that locals are feeding Honduras’ fireworks passion. Remember, the more fireworks the merrier! Do take note that if you out to the street you may run into some firework projectile heading in your direction.

I usually make sure I close my windows when driving in the car at night during this time of the year. I also close the windows to my house. You do not want an uninvited firecracker coming through the window! The closer the clock gets to midnight, the more intense the show will be. The event is such that by the end of the show there is stench of burnt powder floating in the air.

These street side stalls that sell fireworks are picturesque. The wrappings are colorful and attractive. They are also dangerous. If you buy some, handle with extreme caution. Most of all, keep in a place where they are safe from sparks, heat, fire and kids!  Happy holidays! Do not attempt to burn them if you have been drinking alcoholic beverages!