Nas Daily in Honduras

This week I read in the news about Nas Daily in Honduras. I also found several colleagues posting photos of them with Nas Daily in Honduras. From their posts, it was obvious that he was some sort of celebrity. But I was not motivated to google him up and find out who the heck he was. Well all that changed very suddenly yesterday evening when a video he made about Honduras became viral between those of us in the tourism industry. The video does not even have the name of Honduras in it, but boy, did he nail the problem that we have in this lovely Central American Country.

The Label Trap

The video title is “The Label Trap”. In three short minutes, Nas Daily addresses the fact that as humans we love to put labels on everything. When a label sticks, it can do a lot of harm or provide a huge benefit to whoever the label addresses. In Central America, for example, Costa Rica has a label of being the safe, eco country in the region. Honduras, on the other, has one that labels it as the most dangerous country on earth. Two countries in one region with completely different labels. Neither of them is 100% accurate, but both have direct results from their labels.

Costa Rica receives millions of tourists because they see it as a safe destination. Honduras on the contrary, gets very few, as many simply shy away because of the labels attached. Nas Daily toured only a few destinations in Honduras. He visited Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. He fell in love with the murals in the town of Cantarranas, a short 20 minutes away from Tegucigalpa. Then he went to Roatan, the largest of the Bay Islands. He was blown away by their beauty.

It is obvious that Nas Daily in Honduras encountered the unexpected. Friendly people, spectacular natural and cultural attractions and many entrepreneurs trying hard to find a way to escape from “the Label Trap”. He found that there are many safe destinations in Honduras.

So getting back to my story about Nas Daily in Honduras, after seeing his now viral video about Honduras, I had to google him and find out who he is. Nas Daily is not his name, but rather the name of his social media profile on facebook. His real name is Nuseir Yassin. He is an Israeli citizen and uses the pen name of NAS which means people in Arabic. Nas is in a quest to interact and meet different people around the World. He is an inspiration to many young persons who are on a quest to fight against the label trap to become themselves and live their live to the fullest.

I was not fortunate enough to meet Nas Daily in Honduras. Yet I consider it a blessing that I now know who he is and can be inspired by his positive attitude towards life. Without being aware of it, I have been fighting against the label trap for many years. May God bless Nas Daily and help us continue our quest to fight against the label trap!