Official Holidays in Honduras 2019

There are quite a few official holidays in Honduras. Following is a complete list of the official holidays in Honduras for 2019.

New Years Day                                                Jan 1st

Day of the Americas                                      April 14th

Easter Week (Semana Santa)                     April 13th -21st

Labor Day                                                       May 1st

Independence Day                                        September 15th

October Holiday (Feriado Morazanico)  October 2nd-4th

Christmas Day                                              December 25th


I must note that the Day of the Americas and Labor Day are always moved to the following Monday. This with the intention of allowing a long weekend.  The October Holiday, known as Feriado Morazanico is actually the result of joining three holidays in October. The first is October 3rd, which is the Birthday of Francisco Morazan. The second is Columbus Day which is on the 12th of October. Last, but not least is the day of the armed forces of Honduras, which is on the 21st of October.

I might add that these are the National Holidays, but each city usually has at least one municipal holiday. For example, Tegucigalpa celebrates the day of Saint Michael Archangel as a local holiday every year. In the case of San Pedro Sula, their local holiday is on Saint Peters Day. Finally, La Ceiba celebrates Saint Isidore as their patron saint and thus has an extra holiday.

As a general rule, banks all close on both the local and national holidays. However their ATM machines all remain open and functional during these dates. Also, keep in mind that some of these holidays are considered “sacred” to Hondurans. I am specifically referring to Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday during Easter Week. Many businesses will not work on those dates, even if you consider them high season. This can have an impact on your travel plans throughout Honduras!

For example, there are no local buses, airplanes and even ferry service on the above mentioned dates. If you will be traveling during the Official holidays in Honduras 2019 season, keep this in mind! You will have to stay put where you are. Plan ahead of time and you will save yourself a lot of grief! As Honduras gets more tourism, I expect that this will change in the future. For example, the Utila Dream Ferry will operate on Good Friday! I expect that they will do the same for Christmas and New Years.

Enjoy your holidays in Honduras and have a safe time!